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Oct 1, 2015
I'm newbie to DAC world,I've read many good review about iFi product,I'm stereo guy with vintage audio gear (JBL l96 speaker and Bogen-Presto RP40 AM/FM Tube Receiver ) that sound fantastic.
now I want to play my music collection (Flac,wave,and mp3) from MBP connected to the DAC that is capable of playing and up sampling on the fly DSD.
my budget is under 1000$ and I'm interested in ifi Micro iDSD but I'm little confused about their product line and other models,
what do you advice me to choose ?
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I've used the iFi Micro iDSD with a pair of AKG K77xx's. I thought the SQ was fantastic in general, but especially for a $500 unit. It's a great kind of all-in-one product (it does quite a bit more than th iCan) and again a bargain at $500.

The iDSD can up-sample to higher resolutions for PCM (768 hz), and can run Octa-DSD up to 512 (natively I believe).
Sounds like it may be a good fit for you.
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In that case, maybe just the ifi idac2 then. I just picked it up and am using it at work (as my headphone amp too, while I await my ican).
Pretty great as a dac: drivers are great, sounds great, and build quality seems OK (usb port jiggles a bit, but its fine). I got the ipurifier with it and ended up not using it (it muffles the sound and deadens the bass EVER so slightly, but I'm using it at my "home" rig now). I also am running the iusb to power the thing, which I do recommend (they have the newer version which I opted not to get, because its frankly waaaay to expensive for what it does. One note: don't use the usb cables that come with them, I had 1 that was dead, and they sort of seem cheap. I like the PYST cables that schiit sells much better (and not that pricey either)
I don't know how the idac2 compares to the idsd feature wise, so maybe someone else can chime in on that.

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