iFi micro iDSD Signature and Beyerdynamic DT-1770 Pro
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Jul 3, 2023
Hello to everyone, I just bought the above gear (2nd-hand) and I would like to ask to anyone having the same what is the advised iDSD setting for:
- Power mode: eco/normal/turbo
- IEMatch: off/hi sensitivity/ultra sensitivity

I will use it connected to an iPhone 14 Pro listening to Qobuz hi-res

I also didn’t understand what the “Filter” setting is, I assume it should control the DAC but any advise also on the setting would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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There is no hard rules as to what settings you need to use. Power mode settings are about gain, i.e. how much the amplifier should increase the voltage. Your headphone is 250ohm if I am not mistaken so normal should be ok. Set it to the lowest setting and play some music. Ff it gets loud enough for you at that setting, leave it there, if not try the one above. As I said normal should be fine I guess.

I am not familiar with IEMatch.
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Since your stuff was second hand and your questions, I assume that the manual for the iDSD Signature was not included, so read this one over several times and save it somewhere:


Since your DT1770 is over-ear, the IEMatch is moot for its in-ear-monitor emphasis, normal will work best with almost anything and turbo will work best for acoustical-ensemble-orchestral works, and bit-perfect will work best with leisure listening.
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Read the instructions, have a play and trust your own ears and judgement.

I would venture that if you are honest with yourself, or better yet you get someone to help compare settings so you don’t know what you are listening to, you won’t hear any difference.

Most differences people hear are due to slight volume changes that they have not adjusted for of they are imagined, they expect to hear a change so they do.

In my opinion providing blanket statements that this is best for that is nonsense.

I have DT1770 and and a stablemate to the Signature and I am sure you will find eco or normal perfectly sufficient, turn IEMatch off and mess with the filter to see if you can hear any difference, if you can use what suits you best.

You might want to check the firmware and update it if needed. Go to the ifi site then the download hub.


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