Ifi micro iDSD Black OTG to LG G6 power supply..?
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Mar 1, 2012
I got my OTG cable today for my phone and iDSD black but when i connect to phone it keeps saying power supply for the connection option and if I change it , it just changes back , its like my phone is being used as a battery for the ifi and it's draining SUPER quick.

How to I prevent this what the heck is going on.
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Turn the iDSD on BEFORE you connect it to the phone.

You may need to alter a setting on your phone to get it to recognise and output to a DAC but I cannot help you there.
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Yea of course I know that part. But it turns out LG phones have this stupid bug for years now that usb options come up as Power Supply and you CAN NOT change this setting for some reason. Which is why I bought a Fiio M6 , which frankly just drains the battery just as fast it seems to me.

Thanks for your help but I been turning it on FIRST this entire time.

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