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iFi Micro iCan

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  1. raindogtrombone
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    Picked this up about 5 months ago from another user to be used as part of my work setup. I've used it for maybe 30-40 hours total. I really really like this amp - the 3D imaging and extra bass are a whole lot of fun. But my DAC is a Modi Multibit, and these can't stack, which clutters up my desk. I know that's kind of a silly reason to sell, but I picked up an Asgard 2 and so this will need to find a new home.

    All accessories and box available. No noticeable scratches. Shipping to anywhere in the world available from Canada. Tracked shipping to Canada/US around $10-15, a bit more elsewhere (will look for best possible price that includes tracking/insurance). Asking $140USD or $175CAD. I'll cover PP fees, shipping on buyer.
  2. raindogtrombone
Thread Status:
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