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iFi iDSD Micro DSD512 / PCM768 DAC and Headphone Amp. Impressions, Reviews and Comments.

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mlgrado, Jul 26, 2014.
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  1. jexby
    iFi Audio Genius Folk,
    can you please 3D print or mold a hard case that is sized to closely-match the micro iDSD form factor??
    I'd purchase one in a femto second.
    would love to haul my micro iDSD to work, home, trips each day, but can't find a Pelican Micro Case (or similar) that fits the micro iDSD well at all due to length primarily,
    or without it feeling like a thick shoe box.
    the shorter nano iDSD would fit in a Pelican Micro Case 1050 or 1040, but micro iDSD is too long. 
    if ifi-audio can design the iRack stainless steel rack, seems an iAudioCase needs to be next for transportable device safety?
  2. john57
    If it was me and I have a need to carry my micro and allow it to work during the trip. I would think of using a Colorado Special Ops Sling Bag or some thing similar. 
  3. Dixter

    I'm thinking the case of the micro sorta is the size of a magazine for an automatic gun....   I plan on looking in the gun stores for a magazine case... I'm sure I can find one that fits perfectly and rugged to boot...  :)
  4. jexby
    ah, cool looking product.
    was looking more for a shockproof, waterproof-ish "hard case" in which the micro iDSD snugly sits.
    and then the whole hardcase is tossed inside a Sling bag or an Osprey Courier bag. 
    Pelican Micro Case 1050 fit CEntrance M8 very well, but M8 was already box-like.
    alas, M8 is sold now for obvious (micro) reasons.  [​IMG] 
    this may fit the micro iDSD:
  5. Dixter
    Finally got mine and all charged up and been playing with it for a couple hours now...    its cool no doubt about that...
    what I'm having the best time with is the fact that I can hook up my Fiio X5 via Coax and let the idsd Micro do its magic...  thats a heck of a lot better than any Iphone/Ipad for portability as it holds up to 3 125GB cards of music....  and it sounds fantastic out of the Micro...  the amp and all of the optional selections on the amp is just fantastic...   playing very well with everything I'm plugging in to it...  
  6. WNBC
    Any thoughts on X5 vs iDSD Micro as independent units?  
  7. BillsonChang007


    The Micro iDSD for Shure wins in terms of features, and power as well as the duo DAC. But what about the overall SQ :D
  8. john57
    need another inch to clear the RCA and volume knob. 
  9. Dixter
    " Any thoughts on X5 vs iDSD Micro as independent units?  "
    Well I like the X5 as it is super nice to be able to carry that much music around with you...  and I think its amp works very well with IEM's but not so much for harder to drive over the ear phones...
    and it does mate up fine with the E12 and the E12 add's more options like base boost and cross feed so they mate up well and add more power and functions...
    But,  the X5/E12 combo is not using a dual DAC like the idsd micro and there are even more options to fine tune the sound and the amp is so much more SQ wise and options are there to handle every IEM or over the ears phones you could throw at it...     
    The thing with me is I don't like to carry around a laptop with external hard drive unless I'm at the office or something where I don't have to worry about leaving the setup out....  but for trips out of town where I would be in a motel or condo...  the X5/idsd micro is perfect...  and if you decide you want to go out somewhere you can just grab the X5 and a set of IEM's and your good to go...   very flexible in how you use it...     The X5 does not do dsd native, its PCM...  but it still sounds pretty good at that... and remember the coax out is also PCM...  no problem as long as your FLAC/DSD files are clean...    think of the X5 as a music transport that can be used with its built in amp or you can up the performance with a micro for even better DAC/AMP
  10. jexby

    Yah rats. Just remeasured as iFi doesn't take knobs into account on physical specs on web.
  11. WNBC
    Thank you for the info.  I ordered one of the special edition iDSD micro this morning.  I thought I'd be using the X5 as a portable solution but turns out I like having one device in my pocket and it's my phone which can drive most IEMs no problem.  If I don't end up selling the X5 prior to the Micro arriving I can do a comparison.  The X5 line out has been widely said to be one of its strong points.  I'm not feeding the X5 into anything else so the headphone out is my most used option and the amp section handles portable headphones and IEMs very well.  
    If I do end up selling my X5 then my iPhone/iPad (via CCK) or laptop will be feeding the Micro.  Lots of possibilities even in the streaming realm using various apps like JRiver, cloud-based music storage, Amazon/iTunes players, etc.  Should be fun.  
  12. Dixter
    Don't use the X5 line out...    that would have the X5 DAC doing the conversion....   in the box for the X5 there is a short Coaxial cable... use the coax output into the micro( rear of unit)... then let the micro do the conversion and the amp...   that way your just using the X5 as the music transport... 
  13. ClieOS Contributor
    You will need another cable as the coax cable that comes with X5 is has a female plug, same as micro iDSD.
    I tried X5 + micro iDSD via coax, and the result is just great.
  14. sonixen
    Heads up ! MLGrado's micro idsd review has made it to the main page as Head Fi's feature content.
    @ MLGrado and Technobear
    Thanks for the impressions. Noticed that both of you have the iUSB in the playback chain aka as "Shell Nitro". Any impressions with removing the iUSB from the chain? Rather curious since iFi spent quite sometime working on the Power Supply section of the micro + coupled with the iPurifier.
  15. Jobbing
    Anyone able to do a comparison with the Vorzamp (Duo) ? If possible paired with X5
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