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ifI iCan Pro - Impressions & Discussion

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  1. bflat
    The power supply spec is 85-265V 50/60 Hz AC input.
  2. Levanter
    Oh wow thanks, that means it is universal compliant? I just need to get a generic UK power cord to replace the US supplied cord to hook to the power supply right?
  3. bflat
    That's right. I don't want to misquote what the 2 pin socket is on the power supply so if iFi doesn't answer your question, just wait until you get the power supply and then get the appropriate AC cable.
  4. youurayy
    I've connected my newly-arrived Pro iCAN to my Lampizator Amber SE, silver RCA interconnects, + balanced Utopia cable (both cables from the amazing Invictus Cable). What can I say, it's the first time that I hear what that DSD DAC really can do! No way back. End-game. (it's what we always say, don't we). Need to shelve for Roon+HQPlayer now if want TIDAL thru DSD.
    But I guess the point is to have a gear that makes you quit looking for a new gear, which I think the iFi Pro (iCAN+iDSD) will do for me for many months to come. I just hope iFi won't come out with "Black Label" versions tomorrow and make us all feel outdated again, lol. :)
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  5. frogmeat69
    Oh God, bite your tongue, lol!!!!
  6. datasyd
    I' happily experiment listening to Roon+HQPlayer playing Tidal thru DSD on my Pro iCAN+Pro iDSD, what am I doing wrong?
  7. youurayy
    Not sure I understand - iDSD can play PCM from TIDAL directly (e.g. master will be unpacked on the PC and sent at 96 or 88 kHz into the iDSD) and iDSD can internally upconvert to DSD.

    But with a DSD-only DAC, something has to convert the PCM to DSD on the PC, which I know only HQPlayer can do, while acting as an output for Roon, which can interface with TIDAL. But one has to buy license for Roon and license for HQPlayer.

    Ideally, the foo_dsd_asio from Foobar (or Foobar itself) would be able to act as a Windows sound output system device, so that TIDAL's output could be set to that device. Foo_dsd_asio would then output to the DSD player device, as it normally does. But I haven't found a way to make this work, perhaps aside from Foobar reading uPnP stream generated from a capturing Windows device where TIDAL would be pointed to, but that sounds a bit convoluted.

    Edit: Ah, I found Roon should be able to upconvert to DSD by itself, trying to get it to work: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/dsd-upconv-playback-stops-at-30-seconds/48572

    Edit2: got it to work but it's finnicky, I'll be sticking with PCM and a DAC from iFi :wink:
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
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  8. datasyd
    Roon does it by, without HQPlayer, by enabling the DSP Engine.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
  9. youurayy
  10. oddeeoh
    From the reviews I've read/seen/heard of this amp, I get the impression that using the Tube modes of the amp don't really impart a lot of "tubey" sound to them. As such, has anybody done any tube rolling that can comment on this? I don't have the amp yet, but I've been interested in purchasing it and having the option to have a normal SS amp and a tube amp in one at the flick of a switch is certainly very appealing to me. If the tube side of it doesn't add much to the sound signature, however, I don't know if it's worth it over getting a nice solid state amp in the same price range.
  11. Slim1970
    The Tube and Tube+ modes do incorporate some tube flavor. They both take the edginess/bite off the sharp notes and add a little warmth will maintaining the intended sound signature iFi was shooting for. To me the tube modes sound like tubes with solid state properties.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
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  12. datasyd
    I strongly disagree if the question combines both the Pro iDSD and Pro iCAN. Without doubt, that combination is both "tubey" and exceptionally good. Along with a friend (who is presently building his own Tube Amp) we find the sound exceptional across the frequency range. It gives base to his Seinhesser HD800S headphones and a soundstage to my Denon AH-D7200 headphones. No doubt sainthoods have been awarded for lessor miracles.
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  13. oddeeoh
    I have a Topping DX7s doing DAC duties, but, coincidentally enough, I have a pair of HD800 S and Hifiman HEX V2 cans. $2500 is quite a lot of money to spend on the Pro iDSD. I just, as in within the last few hours, bought a Pro iCAN from another member here on Head-Fi, so we will see what half of that stack will do for my HD800 S. Can't wait!
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
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  14. oddeeoh
    Sorry, did you say something? I'm too busy drooling over the gear in your signature.

    As noted in my other post, I just purchased a Pro iCAN off of another member here on Head-Fi and can't wait to see what it does for my HD800 S and HEX V2.
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  15. Slim1970
    On the HD 800S's I always used the first XBass+ setting for them. It made all the difference in the world for that headphone. Same for the HEK V2's I had. You're going to love what Pro iCan does for those two headphones.
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