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  1. Rayzilla
    Thanks for that mimi review Slim.

    I already have an electrostatic headphone but it is currently paired with the cheapest Amp I could get for it. I am kicking around the idea of building my own Amp with the help of my friend who has already built a few varieties of KG amps.

    I would be interested to know how close this ifi combination can get to theses heavyweights. If it gets close enough, it would be nice to have as an all in one since I already know that I like the ifi sound (with the BL).
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  2. Rayzilla
    Ditto for me too.

    I love how the BL opens the sound stage of my portable ED8, which I love for it's fit, sound and styling.

    I tried a couple of the Violectric V2xx amps before and it didn't take me long to know it wasn't for me because it was too warm and I thought a lot of detail was lost.

    The versatility and power of the BL is amazing given how different my headphones are from each other and yet it addresses just about all the issues that each headphone has. And with the iESL, it can address another one of my headphones that not a many amps can.
  3. Slim1970
    The Pro iCan is like the iDSD BL but on steroids. It is amazingly clean, detailed, nuanced and even more powerful than iDSD BL. It really just gets out of the way and let the each headphones personality stand out.

    Somewhat off topic, I haven't heard any other estat amps to do a comparison with, btw. But with my Stax SR-007 MKII the added bass from the Pro iCan's XBass+ feature was very welcomed. Given the nature of eStats when I got the the Pro iESL I knew that the low end would benefit from this combo and I was right. But let you ears be the final judge on that one. I for one enjoy the two together. Once the Pro iDSD is released my desktop system will be complete and offer versatility that no other desktop system has. Great job iFi!
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  4. wadi
    Is there any difference between 6.3mm se outs? Manual says to use right jack for unbalanced connection and i wonder why.
  5. tonyo442
    J’avais fait l'achat d'un ampli casque ifi pro ican pro pour piloter un casque audeze LCD-4 avec déjà un bon résultat, mais ayant aussi un ampli casque Moon 430ha, j'ai suivi l'idée d'un autre forumeur de se servir d' un pré-ampli devant un ampli casque,

    j'ai donc placé le ifi pro ican comme pré-ampli, le Moon 430 ha comme ampli de puissance, et comme dac, le T+A dac8 sortant 5 volts en symétrique le tout relié en XLR, avec une écoute drive CD Icos relié en AES/EBU,

    le ifi pro ican pro étant réglé sur 0 db, ( meilleur résultat en definition et transparence, que le réglage + 9 db ) et la 3D en position 1, le X Bass à 0, le résultat est surprenant, vraiment bluffant, le LCD-4 est un casque qui demande beaucoup de courant, comme la plus part des casques, plus il y a de courant et mieux ils fonctionnent, scène sonore plus réaliste, position des intervenants, aération, beaucoup de précision sur les instruments ainsi que plus de richesse sur les harmoniques,

    par contre je préfère le ifi pro ican sur la position 1 transistor, la position 2 tube ne m'a pas trop convaincu, sur le ifi pro ican si je devrais rechercher un peut plus de chaleur je préfèrerai le Moon 430ha qui est doux, mais avec la rapidité du transistor meilleur tenue du grave et une très belle ouverture du bas medium, après divers essais je préfère le ifi pro ican comme pré-ampli qui apporte plus de finesse dans le haut medium, l'ensemble apporte un très bon résultat et beaucoup de plaisir à réécouter des CD,
  6. gto88
    And welcome, but, this is US forum, English is the language here.
  7. tonyo442
    désolé, mais je me sers d'une barre de traduction,
  8. gto88
  9. tonyo442
    bonjour, pour moi aussi les commentaires sont en anglais, je les fais traduire en français, moi non plus je ne sais pas écrire en anglais,
  10. FarPoint

    This is from Translate.Google.com;

    I had bought an ifi pro ican pro headphone amp to drive a LCD-4 audeze headphones with a good result already, but having also a 430ha moon headphone amp, I followed the idea of another forumeur to use a pre-amp in front of a headphone amp,

    so I put the ifi pro ican as a pre-amp, the Moon 430 ha as a power amp, and as dac, the T + A dac8 out 5 volts symmetrically all connected in XLR, with a listening drive CD Icos hardcover in AES / EBU,

    the ifi pro ican pro being set to 0 db, (best result in definition and transparency, + 9 db setting) and 3D in position 1, the X Bass to 0, the result is surprising, really bluffing, the LCD- 4 is a headphone that requires a lot of power, like most helmets, the more current and the better they work, the more realistic sound stage, the position of the speakers, aeration, a lot of precision on the instruments as well as more wealth on harmonics,

    on the other hand I prefer the ifi pro ican on the position 1 transistor, the position 2 tube did not convince me too much, on the ifi pro ican if I should seek a little more heat I prefer the Moon 430ha which is soft, but with the speed of the transistor better holding the bass and a very nice opening of the low medium, after various tests I prefer the ifi pro ican as a pre-amp that brings more finesse in the high medium, the set brings a very good result and a lot of fun listening to CDs,

    Also the second email is;

    sorry, but I'm using a translation bar,

    And the third is;
    Hello, for me too the comments are in English, I have them translated into French, I do not know how to write in English,

    Welcome Tony, we appreciate your input on the iCan headphone amplifier. The best in this New Year to all.
    FarPoint1600. (Stephen)
  11. gto88
    Ok, good to know the impression.
    I will play with those setting, and see if it works for me.
  12. bflat
    Well curiosity got the best of me. Using my Utopias, the "L" 6.3mm needs +9 dB gain for normal volume whereas the "R" 6.3mm is fine at 0 gain. I also tried the 3.5mm SE port that is under the "L" 6.3mm and that also needs +9 gain. I'm assuming the impedance matching is in play on both the "L" and 3.5mm SE. However, using the 3.5mm TRRS balanced, I believe it also has impedance matching but I get decent volume so don't need gain, but it is lower volume than straight from the middle 4 pin XLR, maybe 4-5 dB lower.

    I'm interested to know if anyone else experiences the same. Utopias are very easy to drive so I was surprised to get the odd results on the "L" and 3.5mm SE ports.
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  13. hamachan
    I think wadi is asking the difference between left and right side 3pin XLR/6.3mm combo jack, isn't it? According to the manual, the right side is L+/R+/GND while the left side is L-/R-/GND if an unbalanced headphone is connected. It means if you plug on the left side, it will be phase inversion but you can use it. I am connecting AKG's unbalanced headphones (32 ohm) on the 6.3mm jack and the volume indicator is usually somewhere around 10 am maximum.
  14. bflat
    Same volume if you use the "L" 6.3mm jack?
  15. hamachan
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