ifI iCan Pro - Impressions & Discussion

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  1. elwappo99
    Can anyone chime in on how much ifi usually charges for repairs? Are the prices reasonable?
  2. GHoldridge
    It’s a hardware based clicking
  3. dcguy73
    I haven't experimented with a linear power supply, but I did find big improvements plugging the Pro iCan into a power regenerator.
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  4. m-i-c-k-e-y
    What are the improvements I may ask aside from blacker background that is?
  5. dcguy73
    Hmm... I've been A/B testing the difference, which is difficult to do since the iCan takes so long to turn back on after it's turned off. Normally I plug my whole system into the power regenerator, but this time I just plugged in the iCan..and...I retract my earlier statement. Using a power regenerator vs. a power conditioner for the amp alone presents a much more subtle difference versus switching over the rest of my headphone setup to the regenerator. There is a huge difference when I switch the whole system over to the regenerator, which I would attribute to improvements in the source components more than the amp itself.
  6. Slim1970
    Finally got my Stax SR-007 MK II’s @Rayzilla. After I got rid of the grounding issue between the Pro iCan and the Pro iESL they sound great together. The Xbass+ and the 3D+ features also work and they made the Stax sound even better. The Pro iESL is great companion piece. If you have or if you’re looking to get some electrostats then I can recommend the iESL for them. Especially if you have the Pro iCan because all the features on it works with the Pro iESL.
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  7. FarPoint
    Hello, Newbie here. Just sent my iCan back for refund after a month of enjoying the music. Had developed the rapid clacking sound this pass weekend. Was burning it in for just over 24 hours when it started. With each sound the red light would come on and the music would drop out. Adorama said box it up and return. They provided the UPS label also. Tech support said it might be a tube going bad but it would need to be looked at. I really like the sound from it and was thinking of going electrostatic next with the iESL. I'm running music from iTunes or the Sonic Internet Radio Player on my iMac feeding the Music Paradise MP-D2 DAC to the iCan balanced. Headphone is an Aeon C or the AQ Nighthawk both balanced cables. Now I guess it is back to the SE on my Teac HA-501 HPA. I think I'll order it again when the refund goes through.
  8. gto88
    @FarPoint , sorry to hear your issue with iCan pro.
    I have it and so far no issue at all, maybe yours was just a defeat unit unluckily.
    I like iCan pro because I cannot find any one out there so capable.
    Good luck on finding another one comparable.
  9. JeffMann
    I have a Vioelectric V280 amplifier and an iCanPro amplifier and I think that the V280 is far superior in sound quality - even though they are comparably priced.

  10. GHoldridge
    Yea hang in there I know the pain it sounds like the issue I had, did your audio signal get interrupted/dropped out at all? Because it didn’t for me. I really enjoy all the options that the Ican pro presents. Not to mention the 3D holo settings are helpful for when I get a nauseated feeling from the isolated audio when wearing headphones sometimes. Also not discounting anyone here, but just remember that someone’s opinion on a piece of gears sound comes down to a combination of the other gear in use, the persons mood, and the individuals own ears.
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  11. Sc00p
    Whether or not the sound quality is far superior, i haven't heard the V280. The reason I like Ican Pro is it's versatility.

    For a long time, I went with amps without any bass boost or cross feed features. Didn't like eq. I read so much about how these ruin the sound etc. Tended to have one amp and many different headphones. I really liked my HD800 and even started to use eq for a little more bass in more recent pop music. As much as i liked the pump in bass, it didn't 100% satisfy me. However, now I became more open to eq. At the same time, i always preferred solid state to tube. But an option to add tube sound would be great, rather than buy a second amp that will be used less.
    Now being open to eq and experimenting, i found that i needed a lot more power for a big bass eq on one pair of my headphones. These i like to travel with. Found micro idsd bl. My first amp, albeit portable, that had an eq switch. Wow, this made me 100% satisfied with my headphones over eq. Long story short, ended up with the Ican Pro.

    Now i can listen to music anywhere from, straight up clarity of the hd800S without colour to head thumping extreme eq xbass sz2000's. And everything in between. For my tastes in music I can't have an amp without this bass boost feature. It's impossible for an amp to satisfy me without. But must be of equal quality when no colour is being added as half my listening will be this way. So this amp scratches those two itches. Then once in a while, to be able to throw in some tube colour to change things up without my table being crowded with multiple amps is great.

    I said earlier in this thread, but am compelled to say again that the HD800S and this amp are amazing. Crystal clear, then when i listen to more modern music and would like more bass, two notches on the iCan and they smash it :)
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  12. gto88
    Many mentioned that V280 is good, but I have no chance to listen to it.
    However, as many agreed that the versatility of iCan pro is king.
    I am listening to it with XBass 10HZ on HE1000, it makes it punch harder,
    that is absolutely enjoyable.
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  13. Slim1970
    One of the main reasons I picked up the Pro iCan was for the exact same reasons as you did, versatility. I can take any of the headphones I own and add a little soundstage/crossfeed with 3D+ or some bass with XBass+ and have it tastefully done without any coloration to the sound. It's not because any of the headphones I own are missing something it's because the they sound better with these features added. The HD800S's for one greatly benefits from the added low end from the XBass+. The 3D+ adds a holographic soundstage to the DT1990's and makes them an even more incredible sounding. Both of which are what some headfiers say these headphones could use a little more of.

    It's amazing what this amp can do to headphones and I get that everyone doesn't like anything added to their music signal. But when it's done right the added benefits outweigh the bad to my ears. On top of that the Pro iCan has gobs of clean power and built-in tube modes. This amp may not be for everyone but for me I'm glad it exists. :k701smile:
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  14. JeffMann
    I am at the oppsite end of the spectrum because I never feel the need to use any added bass boost to the type of music that I listen to (which mainly consists of classical music and opera).

  15. Sc00p
    That would make sense. Unfortunately, i listen to all kinds of music. Natural sounding classical to unnatural electronic dub step. TBH, although 90% of the time i prefer no xbass in the classical, i do sometimes feel it is needed (can look for headphone that gives the bass but then it's too bassy for the other 90% :D). In the past i used software eq, but never fully satisfied.
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