ifI iCan Pro - Impressions & Discussion

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  1. Serge Bernamej
    I compared directly the ifi ican pro to many other TOTL headphone amps (BHA-1, Taurus Auralic, etc), and I can say the soundstage of the ifi ican pro is equal if not better than the others. Sometimes there is also a synergy thing with DACs.
  2. Serge Bernamej
    I have compared directly the ifi ican pro with the HD800S against the HDVA600.

    ifi = as detailed but better bass, warmer sounding, more liquid, and the bass boost function can really be useful with the HD800. A good bass changes everything.
  3. Slim1970
    Yes, the iCan Pro and HD800S’s sound great together especially with the first level of XBass+ selected. The HD800S’s never sounded so good.
  4. gto88
    +1, I had same impression of HD800 with iCan Pro, it makes HD800 flawless.
  5. Sc00p
    Another vote for the iCan + HD800S. When choosing an amp, one of my most important features is the bass boost. For me, the music i listen to half benefits from natural with no bass boost. The other half, probably because it's unnatural sounds to begin with, i much prefer with bass boost and sometimes (becoming more) i can play with the 3d. The xbass on the iCan is my favourite. When i want fun i have that at my fingers, plus reference sound when i want it.
  6. GHoldridge
    First I wanna say that I do like the ican but I believe I’m on my second or 3rd one already. I keep returning them for a rapid clicking noise that just seems to randomly develop after owning it for a few months. I mean I’m going to submit another ticket or message. I’m frustrated to have to keep sending my units back I’ve had to keep a backup system just in case. I’m wondering if I just happen to be an unlucky person to get the bad qc units or what. Has anyone else had a random rapid clicking sound like a relay turning on and off? I just can’t believe I’m the only one who’s had this issue
  7. frogmeat69
    Only clicking sounds I get are from switching to tube mode, or changing gain. Is there enough ventilation around your amp???
  8. bflat
    With the auto shutting off tubes when idle, does anybody leave their iCan Pro on 24x7?
  9. Rayzilla
    What is your experience like with the iESL? I was looking for the electrostatic headphone in your collection but I didn't see any or I missed it.
  10. Slim1970
    I haven't tried it yet but I have a Stax SR-MK-007 MKII on the way. I'll let you know how it sounds when I get them.
  11. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Anybody tried powering this thing from a good LPS? Any comments on changes in SQ if there are some?
  12. GHoldridge
    Yea I believe there’s enough I don’t have anything stacked on or right up against it. The clicking sounds like when you change the modes or gain but just erratically. I have used an temp gun to check temps for funzies to see if things were to hot but temps seem within reason considering it’s class a. I originally had thought heat was the issue because it seemed to have to warm up before it started clicking, but eventually all the previous units started clicking right after turning it on. Also it’s not protection mode there’s no audio drop out during the clicking Also unrelated to the clicking one of the rcas is the slightest bit loose. Though I suspect that if one is loose the whole block could or would be loose but this is a first for me. I do leave my amp on most the time however ifi has said that shouldn’t be an issue and It’s generally in ss mode. I’ve had my amps repaired and replaced all through ifi.
  13. LoryWiv
    Depending on what player software you are using, a too small buffer size can produce clicking or stuttering, at least in in my experience with HQ Player. Just another potential area to investigate.
  14. iFi audio
    If your device acts out of ordinary, it's for the best to let us know via our support platform, to be found here:


    Now onto the next matter. Do you guys enjoy the music? We surely do and so does Dwayne Carter with out Pro iCAN! Here's the story:

    http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0217/iFi_Audio_Pro_iCAN _Professional_Headphone_Amplifier_Linestage_Review.htm

    Fabulous review!
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  15. JootecFromMars
    Not aware yet of anyone that has. May be because of the high power requirements, nobody has one that meets the requirements. The Pro iCan manual does state that a LPS should not bring any advantages to sound over the included Pro iPower.

    I'd love to try because on my Sonore Microrendu, the UltraCap LPS-1 made a massive difference to sound quality over the iPower.
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