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iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread

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  1. Slashn77
    Excuse my ignorance but I have the xdsd and it has one headphone port for 3.5mm but is also balanced via S balanced it says...
    I never heard of a 3.5mm balanced cables for IEMs and am wondering how it works? I did a quick research for 3.5mm balanced and didn’t see much. Is there an adapter or something for a 2.5mm balanced cable to 3.5mm balanced? Doesn’t seem like it would work
  2. Bansaku

  3. flyte3333
    A minor point and I could be wrong but iFi use analogue volume controls with their DACs.

    So as long as you're not using digital volume control further upstream, I'm not sure there's an advantage to having a 32 bit input DAC chip anyway? Until 32 bit music arrives?

    32 bit input can help with digital volume control (like many DACs using ESS Sabre chips) but iFi DAC's use analogue volume controls anyway.

    I think...
  4. a-LeXx

    ok, you show XDSD accepts 32 bit inputs, I was never challenging that, but it doesn‘t mean that used DAC chip DSD1793 can natively process that.


    I never said 32 bit have any advantage. Actually it doesn‘t, and is a nonsense for audio applications. But hey, if something is being advertised, there should be at least a clue that the feature is technically possible on a used hardware.


    I agree that this is a pretty academic discussion I started, and actually that point in the spec I mentioned doesn‘t really matter, I was just very curios because obviously it‘s a pretty old DAC chip used (although sounding really good), I know the specs of that chip and a spec mismatch between XDSD and DSD1793 just jumped at me... Let‘s stop this discussion, there is no point in continuing...
  5. DomieMic65
    Haven't read the whole thread but has anyone compared the xDSD vs iDSD nano black?
  6. rafaelo
    Yes. See my review in the reviews thread for my personal opinion.
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  7. John Culter
    Hello, I'm not 100% sure if this statement is true.

    Quite cheap but powerful DAC - Sound Blaster E5 does exactly what you say can't be done. There are no issues with 'maxed out volume' or any sort of problems at all.


    The mechanical volume knob on the device is 'endless', so it rotates left and right without end. I'm using this as a desktop DAC for my Macbook Pro, and it is super handy. You can use system volume controls (and Apple keyboard volume key up / volume key down) to change volume of the DAC

    ALSO > If I rotate the knob on the device itself, it change my system volume directly. It's super amazing feature, you should check this device.

    Any chance to make this maybe available in future FW updates?

  8. SteveOliver

    I've only been able to get it to work with the Mee Audio MMCX cable. The universal cable, as they call it is 2.5mm balanced but comes with several adaptors, one of which is a 2.5mm to 3.5mm balanced adaptor. I can confirm using the adaptor will give balanced sound from an iFi amp with a 3.5mm balanced output.

    Other 2.5 to 3.5mm adaptors are also available. :)

    With full-size headphones, you will probably have to contact one of the many custom cable makers or make your own.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
  9. flyte3333
    Hi @iFi audio

    My xDSD has mostly been good for a couple weeks so far but today I turned the volume DOWN on my xDSD and the volume jumped UP a lot, with my headphones on :astonished:

    This is the 2nd volume event. I didn't report the first one because I thought the 1st event was a random 'one off'.

    The 1st volume related event was a few days ago. When I finish listening in the evenings, rather than turn off the unit, I turn the volume all the way down so that the purple LED/light turns off - essentially mute.

    So I did that and the next day I played music before turning the xDSD volume up - and music was blaring from my headphones - even with the volume knob LED off (no colour). Luckily this time my cans were not on. I picked up my cans and noticed volume only on the left side... So I paused the music, then turned the volume to blue and re-played music and everything played ok... As you can imagine I was worried about damage to my hearing (if I had them on) and damage to the headphones themselves...

    I've spoken very highly of the overall volume control system of the xDSD, compared with the iDSD BL I used to have for example, as there is no channel imbalance issue etc. But I don't want any nasty volume surprises with my cans on. And I don't want damage to my cans.

    Is there some optical tracking mechanism? And maybe that is playing up?
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2018
  10. davesday
    Hey guys, I want to double check on a potential bug with xDSD before I contact iFi. My unit seems to be experiencing battery drain. It happens after a listening session on BT with the iPhone as source. When I finish listening, I would turn it off and then turn it on in Wired mode before finally turning it off again. Few days later, I would find its battery heavily depleted. So far I have reproduced it 2 times. Anyone have similar experience?

    I tried searching this thread but it appears there are no such reports yet.
  11. silentloud

    How long does it take to charge the xdsd? Let's say from 20% to 100%. I'm pretty sure someone mentioned quick charge...
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2018
  12. melons
    iFi OTG cable arrived today, cable is a good length and super flexible, unlike the Audioquest Dragontail otg

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  13. iFi audio
    The xDSD will remember the volume that was set at the LAST TURN-OFF when turning on. Actually, turning off is used as trigger for a raft of actions including adjusting battery management.

    We do not recommend to 'turn down the volume instead of turning off' as it wastes energy (save the planet) and does not help sound quality, further it puts extra stress on the battery as the xDSD uses the 'turn off' event with a fully charged battery and external power applied to enter 'the desktop mode'.

    If the xDSD shuts down 'dirty' for whatever reason, it will 're-boot' on the last settings saved when the unit was turned off.
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  14. flyte3333
    Thanks but this doesn’t explain what I observed and wrote.

    Music started blaring and the volume knob colour stayed off - and the music was blaring from the left side only...
  15. elira
    It sounds like a bug in the volume control software.
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