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iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread

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  1. dleblanc343
    My goodness, this is perfect, why didn't I hear about this or the OTG cable?! So many times customers settle for the Black Label, because they aren't compelled to put more for a mojo; this is perfect can't wait to stock them! Also the form factor is an improvement :)
  2. Mightygrey
    Thoroughly enjoyed my time with this great little device. Found myself tucking it into my coat pocket streaming via Tidal on my smartphone/tablet for the most part - sounded transparent and detailed to my ears! Sounds like @iFi audio will have another hit on their hands...

    Review inbound shortly!

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
    superuser1 likes this.
  3. superuser1
    Love the table!!
  4. Mightygrey
    Thanks mate!
  5. a-LeXx
    ifi xDSD is advertised as going up to 32bit and 768kHz. However, the DSD1793 DAC is only capable of 24/192 sampling.
    Can ifi rep please elaborate a bit on this? If 32/768 are only possible through downsampling in the USB chip, then I believe the advertising is misleading and the downsampling should be clearly mentioned.

    Thanks in advance for clarification.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  6. elira
    They have mentioned they have information about how the chip works internally, and that they’re not using the chip in a conventional way, they are using it in some special configuration that allows them to do run with better specs. Also AFAIK they use the same chip almost in all their products, so they seem to know how to get the best performance from those chips.
  7. ebjarrell
    Come on now. I don't think it's fair to compare an £1,800 piece of kit to a £400 piece of kit.
  8. Rustodian
    Fair point. But... the XDSD is that good, I toyed with selling the Hugo2 and using the XDSD as a desktop amp as well as a commuter. The difference between the two is not much.
    ebjarrell likes this.
  9. a-LeXx
    Sorry, but it does not explain it. I'm an electrical engineer, and I studied the specs of the DSD1793 DAC prior to asking my question. While it's possible to improve some analog specs, it's not possible to improve the capabilities of the digital converter - they are as they are. If the DAC can only accept 24/192, no tuning would make it capable of 32/768, it's just not possible. And a DSD1793 is definitively a 24/192 DAC. The only way is to feed it down sampled input signal, but down sampling in the USB module technically does not make much sense, it can be performed directly in the HW of the source component...
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  10. a-LeXx
    Ok, I found some explanations to my question in an older thread about iDSD, basically ifi rep telling some undocumented features of the DSD1793 are being used. Measurements seem to prove this statement, so, I guess, there is some truth to it. Really surprised reading that stuff though. Although it's normal in the industry to sell some downsized versions of the product, it's usually done to get more sales/market share. So, the same product is being sold in different 'grades', although the technical implementation is actually the same.
    With DSD1793 it's a bit different, there are no more expensive/capable versions of it, it's top of the line for whatever it can do.
    So, ifi is telling us, to use an analogy, they discovered that a VW Beetle with 100hp that was sold to everyone actually uses a motor capable of 500hp, but just limited to 100hp for whatever reasons, and a 500hp version has never been released... Sounds very strange, difficult to understand reasoning behind it, it's a massive over-engineering without monetary value... But well, who knows...
  11. ebjarrell
    Well, that confirms my decision to buy the xDSD then. I just need to sell my DAP first.
  12. Slashn77
    Nice setup!
    What android tab is that? Samsung something? Curious because it looks more portable than my iPad mini 4 and want an aptx or aptx hd in a new tablet

    Edit: Did you try xdsd in BT + usb mode? Notice much difference? I may notice only very slightly or I am just convincing myself there might be an audible difference to my ear
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  13. Mightygrey
    It's an 8-inch Tab A (think that's what it's called?)

    Edit - I did try both, but didn't stress myself out A/B-ing it critically. Just enjoyed both, which honestly sounded transparent and excellent.
  14. melons
    Not seen anything more posted regarding the new iFi OTG Cables, but did receive an email from their UK Distributor (FutureShop) this afternoon (guess my email to iFi was forwarded) stating that they too were waiting for confirmation on availability and pricing from iFi and would be in touch shortly
  15. iFi audio
    The DSD1793 is fully capable of operating at 768kHz with a 32 Bit input. It's actually in the datasheet (just not on the front page). There is no down-sampling in the USB chip.

    However, the audio performance is limited by the 113dB dynamic range, so accepting 32 Bit audio is more intended to ensure the OS (nowadays they all use 32 Bit internal) does not attempt sample rate conversion by default but passes unaltered 32 Bit audio.

    Yup, we'll reveal 'a thing or two' soon.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
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