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iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread

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  1. Dobrescu George
    For 600$ you can buy Hiby R6 which is pretty much a mid-end smartphone-DAP with very good abilties. Or heck, even a Mi Max 2, and a pair of good IEMs or even headphones. Even if you already had Mojo, you can get Mi Max and IEMs better than addig Poly :)

    For 150$, it would have been a fair price, I'd say.

    For 750$, it is not even considerable for the majority of users.

    Highly doubt it as well, unless it can do some sort of DSP, which should be mentioned.

    On the bright side, it still is extremely hard to find something as powerful as iFi's iDSD BL Micro device, it still is our benchmark here for portable DAC/AMPs and everything should be tested against it until we find something that is better. You really don't need MQA to enjoy music, it is really not the best idea to run after it when you can have excellent results without, like, say, with using Redbook FLACs or even DSD or DXD or Hi-Res...

    MQA does not promise to sound better than RedBook or Hi-Res, it is just the streaming version of those.

    That's what bothers me, Mojo already struggles against iDSD Nano BL, which is quite less expensive than it, but when it comes to Mojo vs DX200 with AMP5, there's just no reason to even consider Mojo anymore, and DX200 + AMP5 still is not 1200$, and still will be waaaay more convenient and provide a way better user experience than using Mojo and Poly and a smartphone (which, if you factor in as price for the setup results in all of those costing around 2K$)

    You really can get TOTL and End-Game DAPs for less than the price of Mojo and Poly, and Mojo is not end-game in its nature :)
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  2. Currawong Contributor
    I was having problems with my iPhone X and the xDSD where I'd have to re-pair it to get music playing. It seems to connect automatically and play fine now though. I think I might have been pressing the power button on the xDSD for too long when turning it on. I suspect it might be related partly to changing from wired to wireless modes but I'm not sure.

    In general, I find that only with very high quality recordings is it easy to make out any detail differences between devices. Most of the differences seem to be subtle ones, such as the xDSD sounding a bit "warmer" and the X7/X7II a bit "colder".

    I reckon... no. A DAP is a huge undertaking. APTxHD support would make more sense. The reason I think this is that it is much easier to manage music on a smart phone. If you desire serious music storage capacity, something like a Hiby R6 can take cards up to 2TB, even if they don't exist yet, and 400GB cards should be available soon. I suppose iFi could ask Hiby if they can make a DAP for them with their own DAC and analog circuit design.
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  3. Dobrescu George
    200 USD for 400GB really isn't quite that expensive now, is it? :)


    I agree with using something fluid like R6 to control a device like xDSD though, it would make most sense, althugh I'm fairly sure that if iFi tried to, they could make a pretty darn amazing DAP.
  4. howdy
    Trying out some MQA and its showing correctly which is great and sounds awesome as well. Hard to get the angle to show the right color.
  5. seanwee
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  6. Dobrescu George
    No, no, that is absolutely correct, but those started with a much much higher pricing...
  7. Koolpep
    I am stacking my xdsd with a pioneer XDP-30R that can output DSD via usb, so the player is just a transport. It can be had in pioneer flavor or onkyo DP-S1 around $200-250 new on eBay. It works like a charm with the xdsd and fits size wise. It also supports 256GB micro sd cards and it has two slots....UI is quick and fluid and just recently got updated again. Plus you can stream tidal from the pioneer as well.

    For me that is the ideal solution for the xdsd - even by itself it’s pretty darn good with its fully balanced dual dac and dual amp setup.

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  8. KaiserTK
    Could be a noob quesstion, but I'm wondering what I need to use the 3.5mm spdif input.
    I have a male coax digital audio cable going out of my dap.
  9. Alcophone
    A TS to RCA adapter should do, something like this: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=7174
    Worked for me with a loaner Chord Mojo, at least.
  10. Yethal
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  11. betula
    The Nano is a wonderful device for the price, but does not compete with the Mojo. They are on different level. Anyone can hear the difference with average ears.
    Soundwise the Mojo competes with the Micro BL. The BL is even more powerful and versatile, but when it comes to sound quality only, it is entirely personal preference.
    The rest of your post is also very subjective.
    I like Mojo, but I agree with the criticism towards Poly. Too expensive, complicated, unnecessary functions, etc.
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  12. captblaze
    The most satisfying element of the xDSD to me is the ability to take an older DAP and repurpose it as a transport. I have an AK300 that fits the bill perfectly. I have a large collection of ripped SACDs and the ability to play dsd64 files natively through the xDSD is a definite bonus. I'm still figuring out which combo(s) work the best, but for now the AK300 via USB into the xDSD is the one I seem to go back to over and over.

    I did try a Cayin N3, but had to many skips and clicks while playing the same DSD files that the AK300 handled without issue.

    although it functions, the Bluetooth implementation for audio is just ok. the real plus could have been if the N3 didn't choke while playing DSD. Then, I would have used Hiby Link (which works) to control things from my iPhone while pushing the audio through USB.

    as for transducers... iSine sounded decent (no EQ), AudioQuest Nighthawk (too dark and muddy), HifiMan 400i (now this seems to like the xDSD out of all the cans I tried with it). also tried AKG Q701, HD700(worst sounding of all I tried). the xDSD definitely plays favorites when it comes to what it is feeding

    all in all 400 bucks seems legit for pricing (although 50 less would be competitive with others.. Q5 $349 / Clef $300) Still it is not an unreasonable price in my estimation. Either way I am pleased with my purchase although I do still have my sights on an other device that does similar things (if they could manage to get them in the hands of consumers anytime soon)
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  13. jeffhawke
    DSP or ESP? :ksc75smile:
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  14. seanwee
    DSP = Digital signal processing. Like sony's DSEE HX which supposedly upscales files to high res quality
  15. jeffhawke
    It was meant as a joke. ESP=Extra Sensorial Perception
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