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iFi audio xDSD- The Official Thread

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  1. audio-
    Hi iFi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Being new to this hobby, I don't yet have an opinion as to bit-perfect vs. converted-then-dac (converting to some other sample rate and then a digital to analog conversion).

    I would however greatly appreciate knowing what sample rate the xDSD thinks it is being supplied with. To be clear, this is just a feature request, it is not a complaint. I am just trying to get information about what kind of data my ipad is sending to the xDSD. It is entirely possible that in fact my ipad is converting my 24/192 source material into something else (maybe even 16/44.1) before sending the data to the xDSD. At the moment, unfortunately, I have no way of knowing. It seemed likely to me that the xDSD could help with this, using the multicolor LED.

  2. Bansaku
    Easy solution. Get the Neutron app. It will display what the iOS device is outputting AND what sample rate the DAC is receiving at. Plus, the benefit of Neutron is that it WILL NOT convert the source sample rate unless you tell it to, AND it can up convert and supports DSD.
    audio- likes this.
  3. TooPoorForHiFi

    If there is a Problem w/ the unit that needs repair, Do you guys accept repairs that isn't bought from an Aurtherized iFi Dealer?

    I'm just Curious.
  4. Paddy
    Just tried the usb c cable today with my note 9 and compared it to bluetooth, both sound the same. Quite impressed with that
  5. DomieMic65
    The st-1 pro dsd also shows the file resolution and the resolution that goes to the DAC.
    It's an app that does not seem to be getting updated often unfortunately.
    I like that it is much simpler in settings and all than Neutron witch I a bit confusing (it's quite good to have many settings though) and also very "aggressive" in taking over the sound reproduction from other apps you may use. It's a while since I used it in iOS but in Android has this behavior.
    Lastly I do not like the GUI much. I would like a cleaner look.
    It's not a bad app for sure don't get me wrong.
  6. josecunyat
    I didn't try that. But when I connect it to the computer I definitely feel a quality increase.

    Still, Bluetooth on this thing is impressive. I am just dreaming how great would be if was small enough to attach it to the headphones and go totally wireless :ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
  7. iFi audio
    It took us a good while to do BT as we wanted it and we're glad you can hear it's up to the task! As for ultra portable stuff, who knows, perhaps one day we will do something like this.

    We help, but charge for repairs of this sort.
    iFi audio Stay updated on iFi audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/iFiAudio/ https://twitter.com/ifiaudio https://www.instagram.com/ifiaudio/ https://ifi-audio.com/ info@ifi-audio.com
  8. Joseph Lin
    I just purchased xDSD and is experiencing very weird symptom that it will pause for a 0.1 second like the buffer is trying to catch up with the data consumed and then it will resume. It makes it almost impossible to listen to music. I tried extra safe mode, it still stutters. I am on the newest firmware 5.3c. Did anyone experience this behavior? Any solution?

    Problem 2: I have been charging it for whole day and the battery indicator is still red(very dim). When disconnected from power source, it won't turn on. I never have a device with so many problems. I am thinking of returning it now.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
  9. jooonnn
    Im really debating on buying one of these or an xcan but am having the hardest time figuring out if the Bluetooth module on the XDSD uses the burr brown chipset. On a reviews i have read both that it does and does not. One example here from Headfonics:

    The xCAN only has an unnamed Sabre DAC for Bluetooth audio though the xDSD does not use the Burr-Brown DAC chipset for its BT decoding.

    Does anyone have any insight on this?
  10. Devodonaldson
    Xcan is was Sabre, xDSD is Burr brown
  11. jooonnn
    Have you confirmed this? The quote from headfonics’s review leads me to believe only the usb functionality uses the burr brown.

    Even in iFi’s website for the xDSD page, when you click the more bluetooth info, it links you to the xCan bluetooth description and how it goes through the ESS module. I thought this also was a typo, but it also says “like the xDSD” in parentheses.
  12. Devodonaldson
    Burr brown is the only DAC IN the xDSD. Xcan is an amp, so no DAC section needed. However, it needed or for Bluetooth, so ifi added a Sabre, being less expensive. The ONLY dac in xdsdis the Burr brown, handling the conversion from wired or Bluetooth. Only difference is the quality of the audio being converted from digital to analog by the DAC in wired vs Bluetooth.
  13. TooPoorForHiFi
    Does this happen Before the Update?

    Should I avoid updating?
  14. Joseph Lin
    I have this problem first, then thinking maybe update the firmware will resolve my problem but it does not help.
  15. Devodonaldson
    Different cable perhaps?
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