iFi Audio Pro iDSD discussion thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by jwahl, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. iFi audio
    It'll happen, that's a given. Just a lil' bit more!
  2. Wildcatsare1
    Thank you, looking forward to listening and reviewing the iDSD Pro!
  3. gr8soundz
    Hardware upsampling to DSD1024 is great. Now, no need to upgrade CPU just for that purpose.

    @iFi audio Please tell me there's also an HDMI (style) input like the iCan Pro and ESL that accepts I2S inputs?
  4. Noneya
    No need to "relax"; was just asking simple questions. After over 3 years, inquiring minds and all that...

    And my questions weren't directed to you, but to someone who would actually know. But thanks anyway for stating the obvious. They'll tell us when they're ready - genius! Lol
  5. technobear
    I'd like to know more about this.
  6. GHoldridge
    Wow I can only imagine how much this puppy is going to cost. I really do love these preview articles on the tech, thought process, and sometimes issues that went into a product
  7. Matez
    Probably somewhere around 2K, maybe a bit less. That's my guess.
  8. aterville
    I guess this would be more in the 2,5 K to 3K unfortunately
  9. Schwibbles
    Definitely expecting it to be at least 2k.
    I'm still interested in this. I've gone through a Chord DAVE and a Linn KDS/3 between when this was first announced and today. I'm currently using the Linn, which I'm happy with, but the iDSD Pro might be a bargain compared, as iFi always is.

    All of this and switchable between tubes and SS still?

    I don't see any new AMR stuff. It seems as if iFi is near taking over completely.
  11. ra990
    I think they have said somewhere that it's going to come in under 2k, or am I making that up?
  12. iFi audio
    We aim at ~$2'500 and we do our best to have price as low as possible.

    No HDMI, sorry. But lots of awesome stuff instead.


    AMR is very much alive.

    We'll reveal all key features shortly.
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  13. Khragon
    All these sporadic release posts are confusing, if you are going to play this game at least put links to previous and later release posts on all posts for easy reference.
  14. iFi audio
    In short, everything we published from post #1809 is the most relevant as since then we feel confident and ready to put more and more light on our upcoming Pro iDSD. Not a game but the very real thing is happening.
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  15. Allvey
    For the sake of my bank account I do hope you offer a trade-up program.
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