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iFi Audio Pro iDSD discussion thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by jwahl, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Maelob
    Totally agree- I understand that part of the updates is to get us excited about the new product but to be fair with them, they don't have to update anybody. Nobody have given them any money. Have you heard of LH Labs Indiegogo campaigns, where they collected over a million dollars over 3 years ago and people are still waiting for their stuff.

    Patience, is, as they, a virtue that takes too long to cultivate.:wink:
  3. Whitigir

    Honestly, the news and the info about pro DSD was out for a while...since I did not need any DAC, until now that I do...and it is still yet to be released. Matter of fact, I liked Idsd And I would consider Pro DSD , but no solid news yet, so I bought another DAC from China which has 2x Es9038Pro. In the mean time, I will still wait on and have to see what the ProDsd can be. This is because I am on a quest for an end game DAC to go with my 009
  4. Trogdor

    For some! :wink:
  5. bidn
    May I know exactly which one you did buy and how you feel about it?
  6. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Maybe an LKS MH-DA004

    So how is it?
  7. Whitigir

    It has not come in yet as I freshly placed order on the weekend. It was LKS-MH DA004....using dual ES9038Pro with discrete class A output and multiple power regulators and dual transformers. Judging from hardware specs on paper, it look good and priced good. I blindly bought it without hearing it performances :D
  8. Whitigir

    Nice guess :D . It is supposed or be here tomorrow...trust me, I can not wait ....LoL
  9. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Was looking at it awhile ago..

    If iDSD Pro will be longer, I might be swayed for that LKS or the other chinese R2R, Denafrips.

    But a stacked iDSD Pro w/ iCan Pro is just irresistibile for me. Compact and powerful. My ideal size combo for desktop.
  10. bidn
    Same for me, I find it the ideal form factor for my desktop, neither too big nor to small.
    If I need more outputs, to have more stuff connected, I would buy a second iCAN pro and stack it above the first
  11. Bren Arden
    @Whitigir How about the Ressonessence Veritas or Invita, theyre own implementation of ESS 9028/9038 Chips. If annyone can implement those chips it wil be them.
  12. Tom Blake
    Just chiming in here to also express my keen interest in the iDSD Pro. I own the iCAN Pro and absolutely love it. A stack of the two units should be tremendous. In the interim I am happy using the iCAN Pro with my Schiit Gungnir D-S and will wait until the iDSD Pro is released to make any decisions on DAC upgrades.
  13. Whitigir

    I rather take discrete class A output :D. Anyways, I like IFI products too, especially their love for Burrbrow :D
  14. Fastnbulbous
    Is the Energizer still on track to come out before the iDSD? Might be time for it to have it's own thread...
  15. LoryWiv
    Pardon my lack of knowledge, but is iCan pro (and proposed spec. for iDSD Pro) pure class A amplification.
    I have an older iDSD which is A/B.
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