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iFi Audio Nano iDSD discussion + impression

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by clieos, Sep 27, 2013.
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  1. Textfeud
    Just got my new Nano IDSD and it's working great so far with the new firmware. Plug & Play like it should.
    First impressions of the sound is pretty good. DAC is good and AMP leaves something to be desired but that's normal. Overall this isn't far behind the Modi/Vali stack maybe even as good which is very impressive for a portable DAC/AMP. Will combine the Little Dot I+ with the Nano IDSD as soon as I can get my hands on one. I think I will have a good setup with my Grado RS1i then :)
    EDIT: Definitely a keeper. A very versatile product. Works great with my Macbook Air, with my iPhone and can even drive my Adam Artist 3. 
  2. vomvos
    Answering my own question, Nexus 5 + USB Audio Player PRO and Ifi Nano idsd works flawlessly. 
    An audio pleasure with my Focal spirit pros. 
  3. Sam L
    I'm concerned that some of my iem's are too sensitive for this dac/amp.  Aside from using an attenuator, will running an adapter into the rca's help?  I understand that the volume controls both the rca's and 3.5mm.  Or i suppose I can run the 3.5mm into my topping vx1?  Or will that be double amping?
  4. h1f1add1cted
    No if you scroll the volume bar to the max from the nano iDSD, it will act only as a buffer and not act as a amp. I connected my nano iCAN on the nano iDSD no double amping here. I read this from iFi here some time ago.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    Yep, it has been confirmed by iFi a few pages back.
  6. glassmonkey
    Ever since I heard DSD files on good equipment on my trip to Japan, I've wanted to get something to allow me to play them. The ifi iDSD was on display in Japan, but I was only listening to DAPs. That was poor foresight on my part. Most DAPs aren't native DSD, with the exception of the AK240. I think my wife would murder me if I bought the AK240, even though it puts you on a higher state of being while listening (why did I have to hear that beautiful sound! Bless/damn you Yodabashi Camera!), so this leaves me with some more budget options as consideration. I'm looking at the ifi Nano iDSD and the geek out series of dac/amps. I don't know which to go for.
    I currently have an RE0 and KRK KNS8400 as my primary listening devices and a pair of low end active monitors at home. I really love the bright sound of both the RE0 and the KNS 8400. I tend to like sparkly treble and a neutral bright presentation. A bigger soundstage would be nice, but I prefer imaging over sound stage every day of the week. I am considering picking up some nuForce Primo 8s and/or some Q701s in the future for more headphone options. RE400 is another possibility. I listen to an extremely eclectic variety of music, but do use online services like soundcloud and bandcamp, so the dac/amp needs to be able to play nice with some lower quality sound. My personal collection is all 16/44.1 FLAC, but I plan to add some high res when I get a dac.
    I know there are some folks in this thread who own or have owned a geek out and the iDSD. Has anyone compared the geek out with new firmware to the iDSD? Has anyone tried either of these dac/amps with the iems/headphones listed above?
    I'm really looking forward to some impressions and comparisons. :)
  7. koolas

    I wonder, since there is this new firmware, why is iFi not selling new iDSDs with this new firmware already on it?

    Dear iFi, I think you need to change that, because some customers might be put off heavily. The product is great, so why to discourage people...
  8. technobear

    So what are you suggesting? That iFi Audio contact all their distributors and dealers and ask them to break open all the iDSDs, upgrade the firmware and then artfully reseal them in virgin cellophane? Methinks that aside from the unwanted bother, it might wipe out all the profit in these devices.

  9. ClieOS Contributor
    Because there is a time delay between manufacturing (where the firmware was loaded), taking order from retailer, shipping the order oversea, retailer taking the stock and selling them off, and customer taking it home to use it for the first time. Meanwhile, firmware upgrade happens on its own pace. It is unrealistic to ask iFi to recall all the leftover stock from every retailer just to update the firmware to the latest, neither is it realistic to ask retailer to brake open the packaging seal to carry out firmware update every time a new one is available. There is why there are dedicated webpage and customer service personnel helping user to update the firmware for themselves. Do Microsoft or Apple callback your PC to install the latest update and bugfix? Do you even get the latest bugfix and update when you buy a new PC? Of course not, they rely on you to connect to the internet and do the update on your own home. Update and bugfix come out all the time, no one can guarantee what you get from a store will always be the latest. To expect such a thing will be too naive in the age of internet.
  10. Sound Eq
    hello guys, i want to build the best transportable rig from ifi, can you suggest best combo to work with iPad air.
    I don't mind buying more than one product from ifi to get a full warm rich sound, i owned the hugo before and it was a little thin sounding with my audeze lcd2rev2
    I am not a total bass head but i love to feel bass and that is why i like to build a tranpostrable rig that plays all my flac files with good sound signature that is warm full, rich and layered
    any suggestions
    also can the ifi idsd micro be powered by an external battery, and form where can i buy that battery
  11. john57
    My understanding is that the battery in the micro can be used to charge your phone or ipad but not the reverse.  It may be possible to use the USB 5v line to provide power or charge the internal battery. This is the Nano thread not the micro thread.
  12. glassmonkey
    Wow. That is the first time I've heard anything negative about the Hugo. I have to wonder how you are going to top it. Maybe get yourself an AK240?
  13. Textfeud
    Big difference is this. If I buy a new Mac or PC, I don't need one of the other to update the firmware. In this case I buy it for my Macbook Air and can't use it until I update with Windows which I don't have nor do I want. If it would also be possible to update the firmware with Mac it would be fine. 
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    True, but you seem to be the rarer case here and you did get taking care of, didn't you? Of course, it would be great if the update can be done over Mac, but it could just be that it is impossible to do so and not a case of iFi being lazy. Also, the problem lies in USB3.0 hardware compatibility (which does not just affecting iDSD nano, but also quite a few other USB DAC that rely on USB2.0 protocol, check the forum and you'll know) and iFi seems to be one of the first to address this problem. The responsibility isn't solely on iFi, but also the rush of PC industry on adopting new standard that has not been fully tested.
  15. Textfeud
    I'm not bashing iFi or anything at all. First sentence seems that you think I am. I really like the iFi Nano IDSD, but the fact remains that it's not really handy to ship out gear that can't be used by some. And yeah I got taken care of by the dealer here in Holland.. I had to ship it back to the dealer (which costs money) and the dealer had to ship it back again (which costs him money). So that's 18 euro down the drain for nothing. My Macbook Air is from mid 2013 which is before the Nano IDSD came on the market, so the problem should have been nipped in the butt from the very start (IMO of course). 
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