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iFi Audio nano iDSD Black Label (TOUR details - PAGE 12 / TOUR participants - page 26 post #386)

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  1. jerick70
    This just made my day! Thanks iFi!
  2. Wildcatsare1
    @iFi audio, thank you for the opportunity to experience the iDSD Nano Black!
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    @iFi audio super excited to be a part of this tour! Looking forward to hearing it ^^ Thanks again for allowing us the chance to listen as well
  4. rafaelo
  5. rhester
    The new firmware really changed the sound of my unit. It became much more authoritative and balanced. Also still burning in but I say that it already favors very comparably with the Mojo. And with MQA capability it may be better
  6. rhester
    If you have MQA files (they are now be sold on limited number of artists on Nugs.net) , what software will recognize and pass full signal to the nano? Need more than Tidal has to offer
  7. jerick70
    I think quite a few higher end audio players do MQA. If you have a Mac Audivarna supports MQA.
  8. rhester
    Windows PC here
  9. jerick70
    Try Roon. Also JRiver is supposed to work too.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  10. Mompy7777
    Wow that's impressive, my order is on its way
  11. ahmadfaizadnan
    Wow! Now I am intrigued to get my hands on the nano BL :ksc75smile:
  12. Mightygrey
  13. vanexe
    is it possible my Nano ifi BL is defective? after using it for an hour it'll turn to red. it won't reach 3 hours.
  14. SteveOliver
    What headphone are you driving? One hour does seem a bit too short though.
  15. vanexe
    it's only sony mdr-100app
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