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  1. Mboom
    When are these going in stock for the USA ? None of the stores listed on their site have them.
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  2. HeadStrong
    Good to hear - that’s an update I’d be willing to pay for...
  3. endgame
    Yeah, can’t find this for purchase ANYWHERE!!!
  4. rickyleelee
    My local distributor isn't that techy. Don't expect a retailer to be better. Some don't even know what mqa is. They can't explain. Sorry if offended retailer.
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  5. DarwinOSX
    Since this doesn't have it's own power do people think this will be enough power for Sennheiser HD 650's?
    I'm currently using a Meridian Explorer 2 primarily for MQA with Grado PS500e's and my Senns arrive on Saturday.
    Actually how do people think the Meridian 2 will be with the Senn 650?
  6. karloil
  7. DarwinOSX
    Oh I thought it drew power from usb. Ok, thanks. Same question though...will it be enough power for HD 650's?
  8. banco-sg
    Yes, it should be. It's even being advertised together with HD650.
  9. DarwinOSX
    Thanks, now if I could just buy them somewhere....MQA is a big draw for me by the way.
  10. theaudiologist
    what is IEMatch?
  11. pranavtripathi
    Hello Everyone,

    I had a doubt about the DAC and wanted to know to ask you guys. Firstly if I connect to this my Android phone say Google Nexus 5, would I be able to play YouTube on the smartphone? Or I can only the songs which show through the app for connecting the DAC to the smartphone. I'm a bit confused here.
    Secondly, I've been using a Xduoo XD05 DAC with iBasso DX80 and wanted to upgrade to a better DAC. Would the Nano BL be a good upgrade? Please suggest any other DACs that I could look into?
    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  12. endgame
    I don’t know how anyone can comment on the Nano BL sound when it’s impossible to find/purchase.
  13. SteveOliver
    It matches high-sensitivity IEM's and headphones for reduced background noise and matched gain - kind of like a low gain output.

  14. BB 808
    From the iFi website:
    "As most IEMs and headphones are too loud at even half the volume level, listening enjoyment is always curtailed. No more with the iEMatch® in the signal path. Use the iEMatch® when the headphones/in-ear monitor (IEM) is either too loud and/or there is excessive hiss from the music source."
  15. SteveOliver
    A few people have them, but when I have mine early next week I will be able to provide an exact answer. :)

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