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  1. shenanbay
    can someone explain what the difference between this and the iDSD Black is ?
  2. iFi audio
    We down at the pub enjoying a liquid lunch....so we had to get back to the office and jump online....

    We know Future Shop guys well. They are really attentive on the customer service front - so kudos to them.

    The nano iDSD Black Label units are loaded with 5.2 version of our firmware, which is fully functional, yet it doesn't support MQA yet. But the new firmware (5.3 MQA BETA) was released yesterday. To put this short'n'sweet, it enables MQA playback! In order to use it, you need to flash your nano BL unit with our latest firmware and you're dandy!


    There's one slight, cosmetic thing we're working on which will be addressed shortly. The LED colour does not correspond.

    The 5.2 -> .3 FW update was the reason for this confusion. Apologies for inconvenience and if there are any questions, please ask us directly, be it here or via PM.

    1.Go to: https://ifi-audio.com/nano-idsd-bl-xmos-firmware/
    2.Use the latest and MQA capable 5.3 firmware
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  3. HeadStrong
    Micro BL next - please, please, please...
  4. iFi audio
    We're looking into MQA on other devices.
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  5. musicfan145
    So just to clarify, is that MQA rendering-only, or full MQA decoding? Does it require a software decode?
  6. coolcrew23

    I upgraded from the Dragonfly Red. It sounds cleaner, has a wider soundstage, and I can pick out details better. Clear upgrade. When connected to a tube amp I even like it better to the Chord Mojo which sounded too warm with a tube.
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  7. GibsonX
    How well do these pair & sound with a Sennheiser HD650/6XX? I have a Schiit Fulla 2 and they're not enough to power them so this seems to be a perfect upgrade for me.
  8. karloil
    I see. So the 'issue' is more of Firmware rather than hardware.
  9. coolcrew23

    I’m on HD6XX and these power them adequately. I use these as a Dac connected to a tube amp though since I prefer my own amp. But on it’s own should be a good pairing.
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  10. feinanng
    WhatsApp Image 2017-11-08 at 11.54.39 AM.jpeg
    Nano iDSD BL sounds warmer, less aggressive.
    I also hear more detail and blacker sounding with SE846 thanks to the IEMatch which solve the hissing issue that I had from the Silver.
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  11. theaudiologist
    can anyone upload the frequency graph of the IDSD Nano BL?
  12. Matez
    From what I understood there never was any hardware related issue. MQA was enabled via firmware (software) update with one small thing to be addressed in the future (LED colour).
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  13. karloil
    But the retailer also didn't really specify - may it be hardware or firmware. They only said 'issue'. So for some people that are being cautious, they would like clarification 1st. My statement was merely a confirmation.
  14. Matez
    Personally, I pay attention to what iFi audio rep gives us in the first place, they are tech people after all. If someone asks me, it's highly likely that a retailer got some things misunderstood and from iFi comment it seems that that's what's happened with Future Shop. iFi wrote this very politely :beyersmile:

    What's important here is that it was MQA and FW related, not a word about hardware anywhere on the iFi end. That's enough for me.
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  15. karloil
    I would also believe what the manufacturer mentioned. At that time it was only the retailer that reported the issue - no iFi yet. And again, not mentioning anything it it's HW or SW issue. So when iFi replied - that's were everything got confirmed - non-HW related. And again, my statement was just a confirmation - and not an accusation.

    So you really can't blame other people for being too overly cautious. Specially for an initial run, when people are all so excited and then someone mentioned "issue" immediately. I was just reacting as per timeline.

    Solid HW and future FW updates - this is my next purchase.

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