Ifi Audio DC iPurifier

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  1. Rob N Contributor
    A new ipurifier from Ifi Audio,has anyone tried it??
  2. dmbr
    There's a thread for it here...its been out a while now.
  3. Rob N Contributor
    Whete is the thread,I can't see it?
  4. dmbr

    To find it I googled "ipurifier2 head-fi".
  5. Rob N Contributor
    No I'm talking about this

  6. dmbr
    Oh! I'm sorry, I misunderstood.
  7. Rob N Contributor
    Yeah it's a bit confusing with a similar name
  8. dmbr
    Where did you hear about this item? I don't see it on ifi's site.
  9. Rob N Contributor
    MCRU in the UK,it's on their Facebook page
  10. Rob N Contributor
    Should have one at the weekend
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  11. dmbr
    Cool! Please do let us know what you think :)
  12. Narayan23
    Eager to read your impressions too Rob!
  13. Rob N Contributor



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  14. dmbr
    I'd be very interested in a comparison between a reputable "audiophile" Linear PSU equipped with a DC iPurifier vs. an iPower, iFi's own PSU which has the same filtering technologies of the DC iPurifier built-in.

    It's unclear to me whether my more expensive Teradak X1/X2 Linear PSU would noticeably outperform an economical iPower if it were provided the same noise cancelling/filtering technologies via a DC iPurifier--which, at $150 including shipping, I'd have to pay about double what I bought the Teradak itself for (used, mint) to "clean" it.

    I use a PS-Audio Power Port Classic Outlet with a Furman P-8 Pro Series Linear Power Conditioner + a PS-Audio Noise Harvester, as it is...if the DC iPurifier is the final step in getting my gear fed squeaky clean power for optimal performance, I'll go for it, but the sane man in me wants to say I'm already in "total overkill" territory xD
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  15. Duke40
    I am a bit in the same situation, I already have a variety of gear .... audiophile Linear Power Supplies, Balanced Power transformers, Isolation transformers ... and wondering if I too am moving in overkill territory.
    Still,  power supply tweaks (for me) have often showed a much greater improvement, than say something like cable tweaks.   Hence my interest in this product.
    I wish iFi would update there website ... I find it a bit unusual that these are already being sold , without a page on the iFi website (with hopefully more details).
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