iFi audio AC iPurifier - Let no noise go unsilenced!

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  1. Matias
    Bought 3, let's see/hear! :)
  2. Alcophone
    To follow up, Furman got back to me with this about the PST-8:
  3. iFi audio
    Please feel free to let us know how was it!
  4. JootecFromMars
    Dear @iFi audio HQ'd in the UK. Why is there no UK version? And would a Euro version plugged in to a Euro to UK socket adapter work as an alternative? Thanks.
  5. iFi audio
    1. We have been unable to locate UK plugs in the round type for the AC iPurifier barrel.
    2. Yes! An adapter will do the job.
  6. JootecFromMars
    Thanks for your answer. But why not embrace the difference and go triangular or square for the uk version? I believe there is already a difference in diameter between the US and Euro versions anyway.
  7. iFi audio
    The circuitry can't be changed. We'd have to redesign everything.
  8. Alcophone
    Some quick unboxing pictures:

    P_20180104_135047_vHDR_On.jpg P_20180104_135239_vHDR_On.jpg P_20180104_135331_vHDR_On.jpg P_20180104_135517_vHDR_On.jpg P_20180104_135625_vHDR_On.jpg P_20180104_140023_vHDR_On_1.jpg

    Why on earth is that not properly aligned???
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  9. thyname
    So..... what’s he verdict? Any impact?
  10. Alcophone
    None that I noticed so far, but I want to test in more places. At least it doesn't seem to hurt the sound.
  11. Alcophone
    In my two-channel system I'm actually noticing improvements. For instance, in Deftones' My Own Summer (24/96 FLAC) the cymbals starting at 0:31 sound more like cymbals and less like digital hash with the iPurifier. But what makes me really happy is that the imaging is improved significantly (more focused, precise) in all songs that I have tried (especially Nils Lofgren's Keith Don't Go (16/44 FLAC), Nathaniel Ratecliff's Oil & Lavender (24/88) and Alexis Cole's Whippoorwill (24/192)). It's still not close to an electrostatic system I heard last year, but noticeably closer than before. I went back and forth quite a bit with the same songs and really hope I'm not imagining it. I first put it into the socket closest to the power cord, which then feeds the subwoofer, followed by the power amp. That's when I noticed it first, and it seemed a bit better still when I put it between the subwoofer's plug and the power amp's plug, but the difference to the other position was slight, if any.

    At work with Jotunheim/Ether C Flow I didn't notice any changes.
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  12. iFi audio
    AC iPurifier
    Part 4/5: Where to deploy.

    The AC iPurifier works by taking out noise across the frequency range. In terms of effectiveness, it typically reduces noise by up to 100x or 40dB (and sometimes more).

    The following diagram shows the placement of three AC iPurifiers in one system.

    • The first AC iPurifier (1) is best located in-between the two types of power supplies. For example we recommend that all linear power supplies are located after the second AC iPurifier but before the third. All SMPS power supplies should then be located after the third AC iPurifier.
    • A second AC iPurifier (2) should then be situated at the first entry point of the wall mains into the extension block.
    • A third AC iPurifier (3) is best inserted into the shared mains wall outlet that supplies the downstream audio system.
    By connecting this way, all the respective noise is ‘contained’ and terminated in its immediate vicinity. Also, the digital and analogue power sources should be in their respective groups as shown in the above diagram.
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  13. thyname
    That’s not what the picture says. Look at the numbers
  14. iFi audio
    Yup, you're right. Pic's good though, our description was slightly off. In any case, now it's good.
  15. Matias
    Then your website and Amazon ad must be updated as well since the pictures there are also reversed 1 and 3.
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