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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. smorgar
    My er4sr does not cut out no matter how I move my head... Yours must be defective?
  2. lesale08
    Mine too. No cutting out of sound regardless of position of my head and ears.
  3. bobjane
    Mine don't cut off when I move my head and I'm sure they are not supposed to by design as you are claiming.

    Sounds like you sold faulty goods. I don't know why you would think others would help you fool the buyer.
  4. Chaz1952
    I've owned multiple models of Etymotics, including the 4SR's. Been using and enjoying them for many years. One cable did develop a problem on the right channel coming out of splitter (coincidentally it was the 4SR cable) causing intermittent audio. The black insulation was frayed and I could see the bare copper wire leads exposed and frayed. I had the habit of coiling cable tightly to fit in the small ER pouch. Replaced with new cable from Etymotic and all is good! Also purchased a larger case from Amazon and I now wind cable a little looser.

    Could it be a similar problem in your case?
  5. twiceboss
    thank you. Ive replaced him a new cable for $49 since he seems dont want to discuss about the connector that i gave him for free. Not sure what's happening. New head fier. I just dont want to extend the discussion anymore.
  6. twiceboss
    not sure why you are pointing me fooling the buyer here if i include a lot of things in the box even bought him a new cable. Gosh these guys.
  7. chinmie
    if you're sure the problem never occurred when you had it in your possession, then it might just be it occurs because of the buyer. is the buyer has sufficient experience with IEMs in general and Etymotics in particular?

    the Etys mmcx connector is one of the more secured ones, because of the added notch, and my ER4XR never have any problems like you described
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
  8. twiceboss
    Yes, it could be. I dont experience any that obvious or weird cut. But im just so hard to talk to him since he is like has nothing much with audio history. Im just going for a shortcut and buy him a new cable and sold as is.

    Edit: that guy calling me fooling a customer is aslo new headfier. With my years in this forum and tons of gears and experience. What should i fool for $180 bucks?
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
  9. chinmie
    usually if i encountered a fussy buyer, I'd just offer them to return it and give their money back. less of a headache that way. I'd rather have the stuff sitting in my drawer than dealing with weird complaints :o2smile:
  10. Larethio
    Last couple of times i sent my Er-4sr in for warranty repair it took them so long (more than a month) that each time i had to call them to see whats up.
    Only after calling them did i recieve the iems a few days later in the mail. I sent them off September 29th and recieved them today, October 30th. Theyre are just one state away from me too.

    Im not sure why this is but be aware of this possibility if you need to send them in to be fixed.

    Kind of a pain. It only took a couple of weeks before and i didnt have to call customer service about it.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
  11. twiceboss
    I hope all is well :)
  12. bobjane
    By your own post, you are asking people in this thread to convince your buyer that it's normal for ER4SR to cut out if you move your head.

    I guess you can get away with a lot when you have a big post count.
  13. twiceboss
    My bad at the first post. I meant i havent experience any obvious intermittent during my usage as my buyer said. That was my mild estimate. So yeh
  14. Dealux
    How would you guys characterize the sound with stock tips (please mention which) in terms of FR?

    I think after months of listening to these almost every day I can kinda tell where they fall short in terms of tuning. It did occur to me early on that the mids are a bit strange and not as realistic as some Harman tuned headphones. For starters, the resonance peak at 2.7K sounds a bit off, well it's not so much the peak as the early rise to that peak. I'm hearing some warmth at 1K(ish) I think and then the high mids\low treble die a bit too quickly after that which leads me to the next issue. The treble is a tad too dark, the lower treble that is, which creates an odd contrast with the peaks coming at 10K and 15K, which are a bit boosted but not really harsh (well nothing like an HD600, which has terrible treble in my opinion by comparison).

    I still love the tonal balance and the smoothness of the bass to mid to treble transitions but I don't think the FR is quite right. I'm eagerly waiting for a new flagship Etymotic to come out with even better tuning although I still think BAs have quite odd timbre\texture. It doesn't sound quite right despite being fairly quick drivers in terms of impulse response.
  15. luisdent
    Never head the hd600 having terrible treble. In fact in my opinion it is one of the best there is and so close to perfect. In fact I just spent some money on a kameleon filter, which is awesome. It tones down the "very slight" presence bump in the treble. And flattens the sub bass and bass to insanely neutral levels. That's all. The hd600 does everything so well it only needs minor tweaks, but those tweaks make it unbeatable at almost any price range as far as I'm concerned (more than it was already unbeatable)... for headphones. For earphones on the other hand, etymotic is king for me.

    I find that with the eartips, so much is dependent on depth and seal and vacuum and whatnot. Generally speaking the gray foam are on the brighter side for me, but I've had times where they are every bit as good as the silicone. It is just that generally, getting them to go as deep is very difficult, and that alters the response towards being bright.

    The stock silicone tips, when deep and sealed without a vacuum, sound phenomenal to me. But sometimes I personally have trouble preventing a vacuum, as they seal so well, being inserted they build up pressure or cause suction as i adjust them. But I've found whetting them usually fixes this. They also tend to equalize pressure after simply using them for a long time. With a vacuum they tend to sound anemic. More mid centric. Not crisp and clear and not tight bass either.

    The key for me is getting each tip to the best depth and seal. And for each person that is not the same. Some can't use grey foam to that depth at all. Some think they have a seal, butmay not or don't have the depth as well.

    When everything is perfect the new er4 series has no 2khz issues for me at all, and I'm sensitive to that. The original er4s did, but even that I find is because they didn't work to fit my ear as well as the new models. The old tips I had were slightly different texture and never worked as well for me.

    That's just my experience. Sure they aren't going to match everyone's target, but overall peaks and dips are incredibly minor with a good fit. Although, you may simply prefer a more harman target response, which is also very good.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
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