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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. micgao
    Thanks, very helpful! If you don't mind me asking: any Ety specific MMCX adapter/moddable prebuilt cables you would recommend (preferable on Amazon/Ebay). My biggest fear undertaking this project is sourcing low quality material, and I would assume that you have a good idea of what works well.
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    There are only two variants of Etymotic MMCX adapter in the market - one is slightly longer than the other but otherwise of equal quality. The key of using them is to make sure you don't heat it up for too long with your soldering iron. Cable on the other hand are much more complex to source. I mostly use basic silver plated copper cable from Lunashops, as well as from KZ and FiiO.
  3. AudioNoob
    If anybody is looking to lighten their etymotic roster, I'll take an er2se off your hands.
  4. Degru
    Anybody know what's up with awwan? I've been wanting to buy an er4b MMCX adapter for ages now, but it says seller is on vacation and no reply to my message. Alternatively, anyone have an er4b adapter or cable I could buy? I'm really curious what that tuning actually sounds like with the filter, rather than my current EQ solution. After asking Etymotic they said they don't sell the cables separately and would require me to send the whole IEM in for cable "replacement".
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
  5. micgao
    Hey, just wanted to thank you again for the help. I ordered the parts from Lunashops. Now waiting for them to get here and see if I can make it all work... :fingers_crossed:
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    If you can't find Awwan, I can probably build a 4B cable for you.
  7. Degru
    Ooh, that would be nice. How much would you charge?
  8. ClieOS Contributor
  9. Schwarzschild
    Any word on bi-flange ear tips for the ER4? Or even smaller tri-flanges? I love these IEMs dearly but I'm nearing my wits end with the tri-flange stock tips. My ears are small enough that the largest flange folds over itself and stabs into my ear. Getting a fit is a hassle (but doable), but by the time the silicone is soft enough not to be painful, they slide off the IEM body too easily (I've gotten one stuck in my ear for a bit). I work in an environment where I need to pull them out fairly quickly to answer questions, so when I finally get a perfect fit it is usually short-lived. I'm very sad.

    I've seen many recommendations for Shure Olive tips, and Comply Foam tips...I tried some off brand bi-flange tips with no luck (not a good fit and they really affect the sound:[https://www.newegg.com/p/0TH-03K2-000F6]
    Comply tips seem to wear out quickly, I would prefer to stick with soft silicone. Anyone use tips that aren't foam that work well for small ear canals? I 100% want to avoid looking for over-ear heaphones instead.
  10. Degru
    Tried modifying a pair by cutting the largest flange off or something?
  11. JohnYang1997
    Some suggestions.
    Clean the nozzle shell using cotton sticks and alcohol also use new tips. They don't slide out easily.
    Cut the largest flange off to insert deeper. Or you can just insert where the large flange stops you at.
    Olive black foam is the closest sounding foam to the triflange.
  12. Schwarzschild
    I have seen it mentioned to cut off the largest flange, but didn't see if anyone came back and verified that it worked for them. Perhaps I will try it to a pair. Thanks for the suggestions
  13. AudioNoob
    You can also get an adapter and use non-ety tips. The spin fit dual flange (*accidentally wrote spiral dot) come with the adapters already, so perhaps you could try the small of that, and if that doesn't work, use the adapters on some other tips. (make sure you get the new retail box, I'm not sure if penon comes with adapters, amazon and others do)
  14. lesale08
    You may also try westone star tips.
  15. Schwarzschild
    Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I have a few ideas to try now. I'll follow up with anything that works, in case anyone else has the same problem.

    Thank you Head-fi'ers for helping on my quest for perfect sound. It's because of this thread I discovered Etymotics in the first place.
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