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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. JohnYang1997
    Since you said that 3 pairs of etymotic iems have same "issue" I guess it's your ears. Or maybe you didn't fit them correctly. There is very low chance that they all becomes imbalance. Also remember that er4 series is hand matched. It's very low possibility it's the iem themselves. You may try different amplifiers, swap left and right drivers, different songs(or tone generators) etc.
  2. carmatic
    if this was any other type of earphone or headphone, where the drivers are bound to their channels and will only fit in the correct ear, then i would agree with your doubts
    but the fact that i could swap the drivers around on the ER series means that i could eliminate every other factor than the drivers themselves
  3. JohnYang1997
    Try swap headphone amplifiers. Use your cellphone or something.
  4. SilentNote
    2 db mismatch under 100hz is not a defect...
  5. carmatic
    I used a USB DAC, the low impedance headphone output on my computer motherboard, the high impedance line out of my motherboard, the headphone output of my xbox game controller, and my phone's headphone jack....all the same
    how is this not a defect? i can clearly hear it and its really bothering me
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    Not a defect in the sense that it will pass the normal industrial standard for driver matching.

    Also agree that multiple pair of ER4 over time all showing up in the same issue statistically speaking points more toward other possible factor rather than driver mismatch. One will have to be super duper unlucky to encounter the same problem on multiple pair of ER4.
  7. csglinux
    I agree with all of the above, but super-duper unlucky seems to be the only possibility left. If he's switched over the IEM driver buds (using the exact same eartip each time) and seen the same delta between the buds, that eliminates discrepancies in the source, the cable, the cable connectors and the input sound card channels. If it's not super-duper bad luck, I don't know how else to explain this.
  8. SilentNote
    Ety only promises 1db mismatch (best in industry) from 100 Hz to 10kHz.

    Until you do an ABX, I don't believe your claim that you can pick out a 2db difference under 100Hz.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  9. HAMS
    I think you can, unless it's bellow 50Hz maybe. 2 db difference at 100hz is noticeable.
  10. iems0nly
    Reviewed ER2SE, with comparisons to ER4XR. I'm sure some of you might be interested in this.
    Enjoy the read.
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  11. SilentNote
    You don't know if I can, and I don't know if you can. Regardless I have don't believe anyone can pick out 2 db channel mismatch at 100hz until they successfully do an abx. I don't believe there's a golden ear in every Tom Dick and Harry I meet out there.

    Even if carmatic has a pair of golden ears, it still wouldn't help his case because the ER4SR is specified to 1db channel mismatch between 100 Hz - 10,000 Hz. Based on the information he has provided thus far, his ER4SR is within manufacturing specification. If he needs a better channel matched pair, I don't think there's a manufacturer out there that guarantees 1db channel mismatch across the whole spectrum, which means he'll need to find custom solutions.
  12. castleofargh Contributor
    it doesn't really matter if he's strangely sensitive to something most other people aren't, or if he's just obsessed by that in particular. many of us are like about something. I go crazy if 4kHz is 0.5dB above what I accept compared to the rest, or if I can just barely notice background hiss, I'll never use that combo again despite how 99% of the time I can't notice anything because I'm out waking down a super noisy street when I use IEMs. when we're unhappy with something, being told that it doesn't matter usually won't help. it's similar to telling people scared of sharks that they should be way more afraid of bathtubs, cars, cows, and almost everything else. no matter that what you say is correct, people usually remain obsessed with the same stuff.

    as for finding IEMs with very close matching in the subs, that doesn't require specialized work. just because a brand can't guaranty that each set of IEM sold will be within +/-0.5dB in the 20-100Hz range, doesn't mean it won't happen by chance on a regular basis. I'd argue that in my case getting the exact same quality of seal in my right and left ear is mission impossibru, but other people are probably luckier with their ear canals.
  13. SilentNote
    Resorting to chance sure. Go buy 20 etys and pick out the pair that matches best. Resell the other 19. If none works, rinse and repeat.
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  14. carmatic
    or perhaps, its precisely because of variations like these passing quality tests that i keep ending up with repeated occurences of them

    the eartip stays attached to the microphone, and each driver is tested multiple times to average out any variations which are introduced by the insertions
  15. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    ! Cheating the insertion depth wars !
    Would have kept doing this for real too, if I didn't get a certain imbalance above 10kHz between my two ears with this particular setup :joy:
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