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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. Dealux
    Ugh. I'm not putting that cable around my ear like that.
  2. panasonicst60
    You don't have to :) That's why I modded it. It's easy. Two things needed to make them work. Take off the metal red and blue rings on each end with a blunt knife. Then carefully cut the shrink loop around the ear. Make sure not to cut too deep as it may cut into the actual wires. Done. You can't find another pure silver Litz for that price. Attached is a picture of my cable.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  3. Colors
    Good timbre with excellent imaging and detail is rare...I’ve experienced it with the ER4SR, K10, EX1000, Andromeda and Roxanne II...and those are usually keepers (if it were not for bad fit).
  4. lesale08
    You use 4sr when you want accuracy. A little dry sounding for me of course next to dynamic driver iems.
  5. lesale08
    Do the connections to the earpieces wiggle? Seems not to perfectly aligned.
  6. panasonicst60
    It fits nicely. It's aligned.
  7. Dealux
    What is up with the selection that comes with the ER4? My god did they **** this up. They basically supply you with a small set and a large one. NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE. So people with average size ears are ****ed.

    I tried the big tips because I cannot for the life of me get a proper seal in both ears with the small\default ones. I got an unusually detailed response, almost too in your face. Turns out the big tips completely screw up the response if the seal is not deep inside enough. Treble too hot, mids to thin and in your face. I'm using the default ER3XR tips for now, which already provided a great seal.

    Does it actually matter if I use this tip? Are there medium sized tips for the ER4XR, inbetween the ones you get in the box?
  8. SilentNote
    I’m pretty sure the ER3/ER4 parts are cross compatible (including cables).
  9. chinmie

    i use this tips now, perfect fit with the same deep insertion and similar nozzle to eartip end distance like the stock Ety tips

    you could also use regular single flange, but if the nozzle to eartip end distance is different (especially if it's flush with the eartips), the treble sound might be compromised and be less sparkly/resolving
  10. Sunstealer
    Try the Spinfit CP240 with the 3mm inserts. They are a perfect fit for the ER4XR.
  11. Dealux
    Edit: Well, I contacted Etymotic and it seems the ER3 and ER4 use the same tips and they advised to switch tips every 3-6 months due to tip enlargement by contamination with ear fluid. That explains why the used tips I had were slightly larger and discolored. Luckily I bought a set of those tips before I got the ER4XR and yes, I can get a proper seal with them after some wiggling. Right ear is a bit larger for some reason.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  12. SilverEars
    Here's my measurements comparing ER2SE and ER4XR. I much prefer ER4XR. Normalized at 1k

    ER4XR vs ER2SE.jpg
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  13. Dealux
    Yeah, the ER4XR is stunning. I have absolutely no qualms with the frequency response and I'm quite picky due to treble sensitivity.
  14. SilverEars
    Personally, ER4 is not my cup of tea either. Just not exciting enough to feel the flavors of the music.

    Just based on hearing comparison, I do prefer ER4XR much greater. I think it's partially the bass, and somewhat treble sound more clearer on the ER4XR as well. ER2SE just sounds too flat for my taste, really flavorless or even worse than ordinary IMO. I think it's the dynamic driver being so tiny, and I do like dynamic drivers, but at a much greater sized ones.

    I've been really liking the flavors of Moondrop dynamic drivers lately.
  15. lesale08
    My 4sr cable is stiffing up now. Compared to my friend’s, he’s still supple.
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