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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Do you mean you plugged both earphones in a y-splitter and compared their volumes by ear for each frequency? :hmm:
  2. JohnYang1997
    Don't forget, when you wear shallow insertion earphones it's likely to have leakage. So some times we see extra 2-5db in the bass than we hear. That's very normal.
  3. JohnYang1997
    That's what I did. My amp can drive 8 ohm load to 0.0001% thd so that's not a problem.
  4. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Phase difference is a problem, however.
  5. JohnYang1997
    Both are single driver. So no phae issue. You can try to adjust both into flat in measurements. And see if you can see perfect square wave. I did this, and blew many people's mind even some who did audio processing for decades.
  6. JohnYang1997
    Or simpler you can measure excess phase which is total phase minus calculated minimum phase. In rew. Which is very useful. Sure not rular flat. There may be some tilt at lowest and highest frequency but single driver earphones are almost perfect in this regard.
  7. HAMS
    This is what I did. Pick dynamic IEM with huge bass boost to compare with etymotic. Now play at 100hz or any low frequency, match the volume and I dare you if they sound the same side by side.
  8. JohnYang1997
    Oh no. I didn't use single tones. I play music. And go back and forth. Not the sine wave.
    I first use 15 taps then use 31 taps to find tune.
  9. JohnYang1997
    What exactly do you mean if you matched 100hz and they sound the same?
  10. HAMS
    Match the volume. And play certain frequency wearing different IEM at the same time. So what I hear playing 100hz tone, mh1 sound cleaner and thicker.
  11. JohnYang1997
    How do you match the volume? Do you mean you matched 100hz and the 100hz sound different in two iem? Yeah that's called distortion.
  12. HAMS
    Yeah distortion and maybe decay. And they certainly sound different.
  13. JohnYang1997
    That's part of the nonlinearities I mentioned. If you can hear it that's great. But the audibility of the distortion will ba much lower if you are listening to music.
    Have you tried the eq setting?
  14. HAMS
    Not yet. The bass just sound thicker I don't think reducing and matching will 'fix' it for me.
  15. JohnYang1997
    If it sounds that different you must have done it wrong.
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