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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. Max Choiral
    Harmonic distortion the ER4 has in the midrange due to the BA driver? Can you elaborate?
  2. WhatToChoose
    So, you held off on getting the ER4 series Not sure you can be taken seriously if you draw conclusions about IEMs that you have never listened to....

    Still waiting for legitimate comparisons between the lower end models and the flagship line.
  3. panasonicst60
    I went ahead and splurged on a 4.4mm balanced cable from Plus sound audio for $150. I was looking around at some on AliExpress for around $40-$50, but I really didn't trust the quality. Wasted a few days researching. I just said screw it! Feel kinda stupid buying cables that cost more then the actual iem. Oh well. At least I don't have to think about it anymore.

  4. ClieOS Contributor
    I didn't find any info on their page so I hope that cable's MMCX connectors are compatible with Ety (which uses a special version that many regular MMCX connectors will not fit), otherwise that's gonna be quite a waste of money.
  5. panasonicst60
    Yes when you custom built one they have an option to select with a etymotic mmcx connector. Thank you for pointing that out.
    Last edited: May 18, 2019
  6. wquiles


    Package arrived a early :)

    First impressions: Don't like them. I based my purchase on the ER2SE on the early reviews on Massdrop and frequency response graph that showed the ER2SE having a strong low-end, so I figured the ER2XR would have been "too much", but based on this few initial hours, to me, the ER2SE lack the tight, lower end bass on the ER4XR.
    scrane, panasonicst60 and RobinFood like this.
  7. panasonicst60
    What are you using to drive them? Maybe if you feed it more power to see if the bass would improve? Thanks for the update.

    Edit: I see you have a btr3
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  8. PhoenixClaw
    Apologies if you already mentioned it before, but where did you get those cables for your ER4XR? How does it compare to stock?
  9. wquiles
    Yup, driving them with the FiiO BTR3. I will keep trying them on for a little while longer, but will likely not keep them and try to buy the XR version instead.
    panasonicst60 likes this.
  10. panasonicst60
    So bass is not tight and a little lacking compared to the se4xr?
  11. wquiles
    That is a custom, shortly cable that forum member ClieOS made for me. He does great work!

    Sound-wise, no difference I can hear. But I wasn't expecting any difference to be honest, as I have never been able to tell "any" difference when changing cables over the last 10-15 years. Not once.
  12. wquiles
    To me, based on this first impression, after a couple of hours, yes. But I will try them out for a while longer before giving up on them.

    I am also going to try the tri-flanges from the ER4 in the ER2 since those are already broken-in and really nice and soft. Perhaps that will help with the lower-end somewhat.
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  13. Raketen
    I haven't done direct comparison yet but in terms of bass, I think I agree with respect to the ER4P/S as well- Although I do think it extends a bit lower (or at least I feel it more), nor that the ER2SE bass is bad, it's just relatively a bit 'wooly' , and that tightness or speed on the ER4 maybe adds more to the sound than I properly appreciated. Also I found the ER2SE upper midrange/treble had a bit of a pinched-off, very dry quality, kind of similar to the ER4S when its under-driven- perhaps I need to experiment with amp or more powerful source.

    So far, IMO it does give a pretty close approximation of the ER4S at a lower price, but I think I would personally save up the extra for an ER4P/S. On the other hand the build quality seems quite good*, could definitely see this being good at work or while exercising (though would prefer a captive cable).

    *edit, mistakenly wrote it had a captive cable, it does not.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  14. PhoenixClaw
    Fair enough! Was just curious because the stock cable on my ER3SE aren't very good so I've been looking for more ergonomic alternatives.
  15. lesale08
    Maybe give them more time and see if the dd driver on er2 variants improve thru burn in.
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