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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. wquiles
    Like probably many in this thread, I have tried many IEMs over the last 10 years, including custom (hard shell) 3-way IEMs, Triple 10's, Klipsch 10 and 11's, and more recently the lower-cost Kz ZS6 and AS10. I thought some of these prior IEM's sounded good/OK, but when I finally decided to try the ER4XR, I have to admit that at first I was disappointed - they sounded so different.

    I then started going through my favorite songs, and listened carefully, and I realized that I could hear things better, and wind and string instruments sounded "true", like I remember growing up listening to guitars, etc. during a live show. That is then I finally realized how much coloring I was used to hearing with the other IEMs. So I started back to back sessions with specific songs where I had a pretty good idea of how a particular instrument sounded "live", and I was also trying to hear how much of the singer's voice was coming through. Man, what a revelation. None of the other IEM's that I have come close to that "even" and true sound I get from the ER4's. In fact, for some songs that are not recorded "well", it shows how crappy the song is!. And for some other good recordings, they sound sublime. If anything, that is the only negative I have about the ER4's - they "will" let you hear bad music more clearly :ksc75smile:

    I pretty much don't listen to any other IEM anymore. I use my FiiO BTR3 with all IEM's, since my S10 supports the good codecs, and the built-in amp in the FiiO seems a little more "punchy" than listening to the ER4's directly from the S10. Maybe it is part of the whole DAC + Amp on the FiiO that makes it better. I don't know.

    I recently signed up for the Massdrop on the ER2 so that I have a second IEM to use, but I went with the ER2SE this time, since the freq response is already a little bit "stronger" on the bottom end compared to the ER4XR that I have today. Looking forward to reviewing those soon :)
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
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  2. bobjane
    Lunashops is hopeless. I had a friend email them in Chinese asking which of the connectors are available, which ones have the Etymotic notch, and how long the cable is.

    Their reply? The exact same sentence I got from my English enquiry:
    "We only ship them optionally."
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  3. RobinFood
    Had a bad experience as well. They sent a completely differently connector than what I ordered and refused to refund me the shipping costs to send it back.
  4. sainteb
    I've been looking for this specific Etymotic case for a while now: http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/med...36e95/e/t/etymotic-er38-65mc-main-450x450.jpg

    I.e. the one that says 'Etymotic Research', as opposed to the other version that simply says 'Etymotic' -- for sentimental reasons. I've checked all vendors in the UK and even though the pictures show this one, the product they have in stock is not the exact same.

    I was wondering if anyone here has one and would be willing to sell?
  5. Hadden
    I just got the ER3SE. I am not sure if they are distorting or revealing recording problems, that other phones I have did not, or did not highlight as much. On vocals in In Rainbows, Lucinda Williams Gravel Road, and Weeknd's Starboy, when ever they push to the loud end of their range there is a grating sizzle. Most likely digital clipping. Also on a couple piano recordings, Vladimir Askanazi Rach Concertos Perahia Mozart, the piano get clangy in hard hits in the upper register. I tend to listen pretty loud also and wonder if I am reaching the Ety limit. Things tend to smeer in dynamic passages. Does the single BA driver have limitations?
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    It is not the model @sainteb can't find, but the exact same pouch has two variations: early version said 'Etymotic Research' on it but later / current version only said 'Etymotic' (even though picture on the store might still show the early version).
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  7. royhendo
    My ER4XRs were stolen (along with the bag they were in). It’s a sad day.

    Thank god for the backup ER4Ps with the red filters!
  8. lesale08
    Oh my, so sorry to hear that. You plan on buying another 4XR set?
  9. ClieOS Contributor
  10. kismetsky
    What are your impressions? Do they retain the clarity and accuracy of the 3 and 4’s
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    Of course.
  12. trantan88
    Have anyone tried both Hidition NT6 and ER4?
    I've just received an used custom NT6 and fortunately it's quite fit my ear and I can use directly after putting Isine tips (L size) on it (see picture). They fit perfectly and isolate very well though still cannot compare to ER4 level.
    People said NT6 is likely multi-BA ER4 and it's quite true, they share quite similar sound signature. NT6 have significant larger sound stage, more bass depth and little more body, very clear and clean overall with more forward mid. However, I found NT6 is even brighter than ER4 that I didn't expect. They also have significantly more sibilance than ER4, very annoying. I don't know the issue is because of my fit, the cable (I found it's silver plated but seems not high quality) or pairing (I use fiio X5 gen 1).
    I'd like to hear some opinions from others.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  13. PhoenixClaw
    It is possible that you did not insert the NT6 deep enough. I had the same issue with the universal demos of the NT6 when they still used a bad universal shell.
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  14. trantan88
    Thank you for your information! That is also my thinking. However, I don't want to reshell because it's quite expensive (more than I pay for the earphone). I will try to modify for better insertion.
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