If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

  1. luisdent
    it’s been so long since i’ve heard the hf5, but from memory, I think they were the most “mid-centric” sound. i think I would probably put them last. Not to say they sounded bad, but they lacked the refinement of the other models by a very small amount, and i think they didn't extend as high in the treble. But take that with a grain of salt, because I had them very briefly a long time ago, so my opinion is probably useless now.
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  2. mechever64
    Hi guys,

    I am the proud and satisfied owner of several ER4P and ER4-XR earphones.

    I currently use them mainly with my Iphone 6s during conmute. Very good so far. My concern is that I am going to change the iPhone to the 8 or X model. So I am going to be forced to use the standard lightning-jack adaptor. Do they still sound good enough?

    Has anyone tried the Shure RMCE-LTG MMCX cable or even the Shure RMCE-BT1 bluetooth one with some ER4-SR or XR? I'm not sure that the MMCX housing of the ER4-XR will fit the MMCX connector of the Shure cables.

    Any experience? Any suggestion?

    Many thanks in advance,

  3. csglinux
    The dongle has a reduced dynamic range and Bluetooth sucks for so many reasons. It would be an insult to your ER4s to connect them to either.

    Have you looked at the LG V30? It's an outstanding phone, with SQ that beats most mid-level DAPs.
  4. Hutnicks
    Well, to be honest, if you turn off all the wireless stuff most phones since the G1 will torpedoe any of the current BoooTEEEk DAP's for sq. If you do a little work and find things like Neutron and the ever so tunable Viper4Android you enter a whole new scenario. You need to be rooted to use it of course and hence why the Haagen DaZs players pollute the market with their overpriced offerings. The claim to do for you what would take time and effort for the user to make the same gains.

    It's a pure value judgement. Do you shell out the 2 grand plus for a ready solution? Or do you take 5 or 10 hours of you time to implement a solution that you most likely are already carrying in your pocket at this moment.

    Essentially it is why the BIC lighter is the most used ingnition source on earth while the ever so reliable Zippo is consigned to the realm of collectors now.
  5. csglinux
    Interesting perspective. The V30 is a little different though - at least from my experience of recent iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. The V30 uses a pipeline of 4 ESS DAC chips to improve the SNR and it also has an amp whose output automatically adjusts to the impedance of the attached headphones. It can drive an HD800S as easily as it can drive an ER3XR - with both having plenty of headroom.

    Oh - and it has a 3.5 mm headphone socket :)
  6. Hutnicks

    Well, Just look at the history even the lowly S1 had the BurrBrown chipset. So as far as advanced in the tech areaa go I have to believe very Little advancement has been made.;

    There is a very very old adage even preculiding "Moore's Law" in tech, Good software is always a fix for poor hardware. PERIOD and there is no fix for bad software. Period.

    So, when you are faced (fece'd) with a closed system piece of hardware, what exactly are your options as a user?
  7. csglinux
    By "closed system piece of hardware", you're referring to iPhones?
  8. luisdent
    EKG test? Nope, just comparing ER earphones :p

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  9. Happytalk
    Is there an upgraded dongle yet? Or are we still stuck with things like the audio quest dragonfly and that dongle set up? Either way, something like that may fit the bill for the new (crappier imo) iPhones. Still rocking my 5s. Wish it was as small as the 4s. Could do everything with one hand. Not a fan of the bigger phones. That's what iPads and laptops are for.

    I heard the lgv30 (with er4s) I didn't think it sounded as good as my ibasso dx90, but it is definitely a smoother sounding implementation of the ess chip sound. I was impressed, regardless. And so customizable.
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  10. castleofargh Contributor
    unless I'm wrong about Robot Wars, the entanglement devices are supposed to go on the robot, not on you.
  11. mechever64
  12. Max Choiral
    really? I have just re-checked and Amazon still has those.
  13. ClieOS Contributor
    New old stock, I presumed.
  14. Max Choiral
    well, it's better then nothing at all :)
  15. jleewachter
    Proof that etys are just like crack. One is never enough. :wink:

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