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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor


    I think everyone should at least try/own ER4 once, and to think I was worried about their age or being outdated. I think that's why many people pass on them because they either hear about lack of bass which really (is lack of seal) they have plenty of bass, or.....they don't think something so aged can compete anymore. Only once you hear an ER4S for example you understand they still punch well above their price and simply scale better with (the correct) sources.
  2. wormsdriver
    ^ thank you guys!
    I myself avoided the er4's for the last couple of years, thinking I knew what they would sound like and I would not like them...boy was I wrong!
    I agree with the above comment, I think everybody should at least try these before writing them off, mainly because of what like you said, lack of bass.
    I've been listening for the last 1-2 hours on my Hifi-M8, and they sound awesome![​IMG]
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    Enjoy! ER4S never stop to impress me.
  4. kostalex
    I tried HF3 - it is a bit off "Ety sound" to me. It is a blend of ER-4P and Shure E4c. The latter is "old-good" model with remarkably smooth sound ADDED: and rolloffs on both ends of audio range. HF3 is likely the best handsfree for iPhone, at least in its price range. But it is not in ER-4 league in terms of resolution, clarity and FR extentions. And its sound sig has less ressemblance to ER-4 than, say, ER-6i has.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I was wondering if a long term Ety owner can tell me anything about the different filters and how they have changed over the years.

    When I bought my Ety ER4S (second hand) they came with 2 sets of spare filters and one set installed. these filters have (metal) aluminum cylinders not plastic like the recent ones I had shipped over to me, both are green filters only the casing or cylinder being different (plastic/metal). Recently I removed the metal cylinder filters and replaced them with what Etymotic sell now (plastic) and they did not sound the same, they sounded less detailed and overall smoother I simply wasn't getting the same detail extension and crispness to the sound. This morning I went back to the alumunum filters and back came that awesome sound I remember when first receiving them.

    Have the filters changed over time, because the filter casing certainly has.
    Did I order the wrong ones? Why didn't my ER4S sound the same with the newer (same colour) filters?

    Anyway, I am much happier using this metal casing filters, much better sound to my ears.  
  6. audionewbi
    I used the filters that came with my ER4S which are the older model. I cannot remember a sonic change and to be honest the only reason why I changed the filter was because I had them for so long and I assume they need changing. What I like about ER4S is that ear wax does not enter the tri-flange tip that easily.
    Can you please post the link where we can purchase those metallic filters? I dont mind trying them in the future when my set of filter run out. 
    Thanks for the tip. 
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    That's the problem I cannot buy metal filters anywhere, only plastic ones from Etymotic.
    I think mine will be good to go for many years with these filters, probably past my ER4S ownership but still I can hear a difference (a downgrade) using the plastic ones.

    These are the one I purchased. http://www.etymotic.com/shop/cart.aspx?action=ADD&item=440

    I might shoot Etymoic an email, and I imagine they're going to tell me they sound the same, there's been no changes.
    My ears tell me different story,  way past any point of placebo.
  8. audionewbi
    Keep us update, I will do my best to find who is selling metal filters. I think tomy would know for sure. 
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I really have a funny feeling they came with older versions of ER4S and have changed. My ER4S is an early model with the super old doctors stethoscope looking cable. Old, long black, with grey 100ohm adapter casing. If you do find some of the metal casing filters please let me know.
  10. gnarlsagan
    Two of the same green filters can vary by as much as 2dB iirc. So that could explain your experience.

    Metal filters are availble here. I recommend picking up some reds along with the green to check out the sound differences.
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Thanks very much Gnarls, I really appreciate you helping me out. [​IMG]
  12. gnarlsagan
  13. luisdent

    Yeah, I've been switching back and forth between red and green filters, both metal and plastic. I think they're all the same between colors, except the 30% variance don mentioned. I had one red and one orange where I think the treble seemed different. But the differences overall were very very small and within limits. Nothing to make the sound less detailed or anything. Maybe you got ow near the 30% mark so they sounded more noticeably warm?

    Don't rule out bad it dirty filters. They could have collected debri before even installing them and it's detail that way. Just a thought. The only way to know is to try a few...
  14. Hutnicks

    Has anyone ever tried a solution to clean filters?
  15. brunk
    I haven't tried to clean the filters themselves before, but i think perhaps dunking them in 90-100% isopropyl alcohol with a few shakes after 5 minutes or so would do the trick. Then just hit them with a blow dryer for a minute and you'll be good to go.
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