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If you could pick 3 headphones below $1000 each to form a well-rounded trio, which headphones would you pick?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by timestretch, Nov 5, 2011.
  1. Timestretch
    Completely hypothetical:
    So let's say you're in charge of creating a headphone exhibit that must include 3 distinctive, respectable and interesting examples of high end headphone audio, each of them under $1000, or maybe you are just getting them for yourself to become part of your own well-rounded collection. What would you go for, why?  
    I'm not sure what I would choose, because my "hi-fi" headphone experience caps out with my Denon AH-D5000. Based on conjecture and hearsay alone, though, I think I would assemble a trio including a D7000, an audio technica W1000X (so pretty) and an Audeze LCD2. 
    I admit that this is a secretly veiled "what really unique headphones under $1000 should I check out?" thread. I hope it's more interesting than that, though!
  2. wind016
    These choices are probably pushing the $1000 mark and slightly over.
    Audio Technica W3000ANV -  I just ordered it. Not sure about the sound yet but it looks glorious. Audio Technicas generally have incredibly intimate and organic feel when it comes to vocals. I hope the W3000ANV would be like that.
    Stax SR-507 - Haven't heard them, but the Stax 007 was too expensive to put on here. The 507s also get rave reviews and electrostats should always have the advantage in effortless presentation.
    A used HD800 or Audeze LCD-2 - The best sounding dynamics IMO. Orthos may be a planar driver but they sound like a dynamic.
  3. Head Injury
    Can I have one $1000 headphone and a pair of $2000 speakers instead?
  4. NamelessPFG
    Do I have to include amplifiers in the "$1,000 each" figure? That complicates things immensely since at least one headphone will be Stax, and electrostatics need different amplifiers. I don't know what else I'd get, though...probably a Lambda, a Sigma, and an LCD-2 for a taste of orthodynamics?
    Thinking about Head Injury's proposed $1,000 headphone setup + $2,000 speaker setup, though...that could get me a Quad or Martin Logan ESL setup, perhaps even some surround satellites on top to round it all out. Too bad that still doesn't do anything about having an acoustically unideal room for them.
  5. Ishcabible
    I third the speaker question, since I could probably be eternally happy with an ESL63 and DX1000.

    But since I want to be compliant, I'll list my actual roadmap, which is the DX1000 for my bass needs, T70P for my (trans)portable needs, and tentatively the W3000ANV for (what I hope to be) voluptuous mids.
  6. Hifianddrumming
     In the way of headphones.
     1)Sennheiser HD800
     2)Grado GS1000i
     3)Audeze LCD-2
  7. Uncle Erik Contributor
    1. Sennheiser HD-600
    2. AKG K-501
    3. Grado RS-1

    Spend the rest on a nice transformer-coupled tube amp.
  8. Ra97oR
    1) STAX SR-404LE
    2) Audio Technica AD1000PRM
    3) Audio Technica A2000X

    Spend the rest on a SRM-727 and a HA5000.

    The top-tier dynamic and planar are overrated, the STAX SR-009 is awesome but not priced to sell.

  9. Timestretch
    I didn't think about amplifiers, but that is a good point. The original idea was to keep a tight frame of reference focusing just on headphones, but it's probably a more interesting discussion to include more choices.   
    How much do you need to drop to get a respectable electrostatic amplifier with basic RCA inputs, anyway?
  10. NamelessPFG
    Most of the Stax amplifiers (not transformer box energizers fed with a typical speaker power amp) I've seen are in the $500-600 range. Not cheap at all, and it's the main prohibiting cost for someone new to electrostatics, as if the headphones weren't expensive enough.
    Then again, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places as far as pricing goes.
  11. elwappo99
    1. Denon D7000
    2. Sennheiser HD650
    3. Hifiman HE-500 (or HE-6, if the budget can budge)
  12. wind016

    Around $700 for a Stax 323s is good enough.
  13. Ra97oR

    Agreed. Or you can go used and get some 300, SRM-1 for even less.
  14. n3rdling


    This is exactly what I thought when I opened the thread.  Actually I might change the LCD2 to TPs if you want a closed headphone.  
  15. Hifianddrumming
     I think some people have got this a little wrong. It's under 1000 for each pair of headphones, not all of them combined.

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