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If Calsberg made headphones...

  1. 396629
    they'd be like the Sennheiser HD25, probably the best (all round) headphone in the world ?!?
    Your thoughts?
    NB. This will probably only make sense to British members.
  2. wink
    Not likely.
  3. 396629
    Did say all-round not just sound what's your's called?
  4. 396629
    Come to think of it they'd probably looklike the 'lovely' new Orpheos 2 ?!?
  5. wink
  6. 396629
  7. god-bluff
    Yes after much listening, experimenting and deliberation these still the best all round headphones in the world, EVER

    Longevity, build quality, significance in the history of headphone design, rugged indestructibility, versatility, professional ubiquity, functionality, modular construction,low profile design, lightness, isolation, customisation and spares back up, beautifully balanced sound quality with seemingly endless scalability and potential, on ear comfort and coolness (both senses of the word) with totally secure fit. An absolute classic headphone to last a lifetime and comparative bargain.

    If Carlsberg made headphones they would be these no doubt at all
  8. god-bluff
    10 + years of ownership. Flawless and faultless. Still number one, overall.

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