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IEMs with similar sound as the Etymotic hf5?

  1. yliu
    I have the hf5 for a year now, and I love the sound. The few downsides is that the cable has too much memory, and the fit is not so comfortable.
    So do you guys know another IEM with a sound signature similar to the hf5?
    If not, I think I'll just buy the hf3. 
  2. Marcus_C
    How do you reduce your problems with the hf5 by getting the hf3? They're the same fit. Iem's with a similar sound to the hf5 is pretty much limited to other ety's, which have the same fit problems. I went to the w2 from the hf5 and it solved all my fit problems and gave a bit more bass. Maybe ck10 is one to look out for, though I haven't heard that one, it's just piquing my interest more every time I read about it.
  3. yliu


    Those problems are really minor, so what I meant that my want to get the hf3 for the controls, and just in case my hf5 fails.
  4. yliu
    I am working hard to get the ck10s but I just can't find a retailer that has it.
  5. kmhaynes
    I haven't tried too many other phones that rival or compete with the HF5 (maybe the Phonak PFE?), but if I lost/broke my HF5, I would immediately replace them with HF5. 
    For comfort, the HF3/5 with Shure "Olive" tips (black foam) are an extremely comfortable fit in the ear -- doesn't require the deepest insertion possible to get good isolation and sound -- the foam fills all the weird shapes of the ear canal -- i can use them for hours.
  6. Marcus_C

    Where abouts are you?
  7. yliu
    Central Europe...
  8. Marcus_C

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