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IEMs with bass quantity close to that of IE7?

  1. Zinte
    Hi, i just tried the IE7, liked the bass very much. What other IEMs can produce the same amount of bass or more? Im very worried that i might get a pair of IEMs only to find out that the bass can barely be heard. Please advice and reccommend some IEMs that have a good amount of bass like the IE7, just for consideration before i finally get my IEM.
    Some other IEMs on my consideration list : Westone 2, ER6i, Fischer DBA2?
  2. Yoloni
    Etymotic products, like the one you mentioned, ER6i, have very little bass compared to the IE7. It all really depends if you like the sound or not.
    I changed from Denon AH-C551 (which is a bass-heavy earphone) from UE Super.fi 3's and I've learned to like the UE's detailed and bright sound. 
    Dunno about the Westone's. They're too expensive for me.
  3. Zinte
    Any one knows if the bass (quantity) on Westone 2 and DBA2 is close to the IE7?
  4. lawonga
    My westone 2's sound very bass lite with onboard sound, but with sansa fuze it increases to just barely enough to be sufficient. It does not move large quantities of air, thats for sure.
  5. rawrster
    The Westone 2, ER6i and DBA-02 all have less bass than the IE7
  6. alphaphoenix
    If you want good, clean, quality bass like the IE7, I would look into the Monster Pro lines (MTPG, MTPC, Tributes, and even the the regular Turbine).  I'm not saying that armatures can't produce bass like the IE7, but you may have better luck sticking with dynamic driven earphones. 
  7. Zinte


    Thanks, thats what i needed to know.


    How about.. UE TF10? More or less bass than IE7? Thanks.
  8. GLdgShDjKsHT
    jh16 :D
  9. Xymordos


    Generally Dynamic drivers have more bass and emotions than Balanced Armature drivers. Check the earphone for what driver they're using and USUALLY you'll get an idea about how much bass they make.
  10. rawrster

    From memory the TF10 should have similar bass amounts but it's been a long time since I heard the TF10

    That is not true. I can name plenty of dynamics that have less bass than most BA such as the RE0, RE-Zero, RE252,RE262, MC5, PL30 and the list goes on. Usually dynamics have a different texture to the bass than what BA has to offer. The driver has nothing to do with how much bass they make.
  11. lucozade
    hje900 has a similar amount of bass as the ie7
  12. Totally Dubbed
    I sold my W2's just because they didn't have enough bass.
    Made a £70 loss, but boy am I happy with BASS now!
    I got the Denon 751's for £50...an absolute steal if you ask me, and bloody hell do they beat the ass of every single earphone iv'e ever heard.
    That includes the ie8, ie7, w2, ex500, ex700, superfi4's, metro fi220.
    Honestly if you are looking for bass...these denons are really the bad boys of bass.
    -Well they need at least 50hrs burn-in for the mid/highs to come through, or else they sound hidden and muffled.
    -It's mid/highs aren't as good as the w2's they seam a little rolled off especially for the highs
    I'm no expert, and from my perception, i've spent time researching + reviewing, and from what i know/heard I haven't hear a better bass sounding earphone than the c751's. Especially for their stupidly cheap price!
    I'm looking to upgrade to the 710's which have a better clarity + bass response.
    Offer is up for only 4 days. RRP over £120
    Here is a link:
  13. ZARIM
    Radius DDM(highely recommended), EX700, MTP Gold, HJE900, Custom 3 and SF5Pro......

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