IEMs - range from 300 to 700€

  1. Spongebone

    Apologizing in advance for my bad written English :)
    i've been using my IE80 for a long time now and finally decided to step up my game.
    Mainly i'm using my Phone as Source with Tidal but i have a IFI Micro IDSD.
    I listen mostly to Metal/Rock(Old and new stuff) and sometimes EDM,
    I don't want a neutral Sounding IEM i want one that is Musicaly? and brings the Music to life.(Alwas happy to hear the Guitar clear, cause i play guitar myself)

    I've read some threads and found some IEMs im interested in.
    -Shure SE846
    -JH Audio Roxanne/Layla
    -Campfire Audio Andromeda/Vega
    -Noble Audio Katana/Kaiser

    I know some are more than 700€ but if you are suggest them i'm willing to pay a little extra.
    I have no problem with used Products.

    Already happy to hear your answers.
  2. Tim Le
    Do you have a store nearby you? When it comes to more expensive IEMs, it's best to try them in person. Not only do we all perceive sound differently, but then you have a chance to actually wear the IEM and see if it's something you're willing to wear everyday.

    For example, I really enjoyed the sound of the JH Angie and Roxanne, but they were too big for my ears, and I couldn't wear them for longer than an hour.

    Looking at your list and music preference, I'd pick the Campfire Andromeda. Being a BA setup IEM, it'll be fast enough to keep up with the double bass and hi-hats in your metal music. It's tuned to be "fun" without straying too far from reference, so it really excels at all genres of music. Also, being one of the more popular options, it'd be easy to resell or trade if you find the sound signature or fit is not quite for you :)
  3. Spongebone
    i could try the Se846 and maybe IE800 but all others are really hard to find here in Germany. (from what i see)
  4. serman005
    Of those you list, my preference would be for the Andromeda--it really sounds fantastic.

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