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IEM's or in ear phones for under £50 /$60

  1. JonnyCr
    Hi guys,
    I have used this site a lot for reading reviews and have made pretty much all my audio equipment decisions using it! This is my first post so please go easy on me :)
    I am looking for a new pair of in ear headphones or IEM's for around £50/$60 (I am from the UK)
    My previous purchases of in ear's have been Sennheiser CX300 II and RHA MA-350's. I thought these both delivered decent sound quality for the price, but am looking for something slightly better, and more importantly, with better build quality! I will be using these earphones with my ipod touch 4g and perhaps my fiio e7 if the amplifier benefits the sound (it makes my Sennheiser hd25's sound soo much better!)
    I listen to mostly rock, dance and acoustic so looking for a good set of all rounders! 
    Thanks in advance,
    The Sony EX310, XB60EX, JVC FX3X, Turbine are highly recommended and they offers tight punchy bass and overall quite detailed soundquality.
  3. Seekky
    for all-arounder at this price point, i recommend the GR02.
  4. Seekky
    or MH1C if you can deal with the j cord.
  5. JonnyCr
    Thanks for replying guys!
    I looked at all the headphones that were recommended but decided to purchase Brainwavz M4's.

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