IEMs for work / with best isolation
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Sep 27, 2013
I am looking for IEMs with really good isolation, since my job requires sometimes a lot of cocentration. This means that the IEMs should block out a lot of noise, even if there is no music playing. I was considering custom IEMs, but I am wondering whether they are really providing the best isolation. Are there universal IEMs that come close to the noise blocking customs, or is the difference between those two types of IEM just too big?
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Etymotic er4`s with foam tips will block out an incredible amount of noise as they have a very deep insertion and thin body, they isolate more than pretty much every other universal but maybe not as much as customs however for the price they offer the best isolation in class. 
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When I use foam tips on my ER4S (which as been mentioned require a deep insertion) I honestly can't hear a damn thing, and I mean it, I can't hear nothing, not even the traffic outside, people could stand right infront of you talking and you won't hear squat.  The isolation is probably the best you'll get from a universal. Etymotics claim ( 35 dB - 42dB) noise isolation, and I believe them, just be prepared to insert them rather deep which can be uncomfortable for some. 
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Ety's definitely come close to acrylic customs, but silicone customs still offer more isolation. 
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Ety's if comfort is not a concern.

if you want comfortable and quiet even when not playing music the Bose QC20 are simply mind blowingly good. I strongly urge you find a Bose store and try them out. I never thought I would like active noise cancelling until I tried them and within 5 minutes of testing them out knew I had to have a pair even though they were expensive. I now use them pretty much exclusively in my day to day out and about routine even though I own other more technically superior and good isolating IEM's like my UE900. The loss of bone conduction sounds and ear pressure feeling/sound of a traditional IEM is hard to give up once you have experienced the difference.
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Shure olive gave me the best isolation besides customs. Triple flanges were good too but I would take the shure olives over it any day (for comfort reasons).
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When I used my Ety's I actually used the Shure olive tips as well and your right they do make them more comfortable. If the OP's budget is under $200 I suggest the HF series if he wants clarity and detail. Or the Shure 215 if he want more bass and thicker mids with a more rolled off treble.

but if he cane afford $330 the Bose Quiet Comfort 20 (QC20) really does live up to it's name.
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Isolation is only partly dependent on the tips. A lot of the sound is actually going through the plastic earpiece itself. The Shure universal fit iems have the best isolation out of all the iems i have tried by far. Putting the same shure olive tips on my Westone 3s doesnt isolate nearly as much. This i believe is because of the earpiece itself blocking noise from traveling through plastic into drivers.

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