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IEM's for school. Budget: USD150-200

  1. Focux
    Hello there, i'm new to this forum so do forgive me if i am doing this at the wrong section etc.
    I am looking for a pair of IEM's(must be overear like westones and removable cable if possible) to go with my Fiio X3 which i just purchased. I would like to use them in school(library) and sometimes at home if i'm not using my M50's.
    I listen to mostly oldies, some rock, alot of piano and old Avril Lavigne albums. Not into the new stuff these days. Might anyone suggest some IEM's? I currently use the Sony XBA-40. Like it alot =).
    I have shortlisted a few if that makes things convenient:
    Brainwavs B2(abt USD130'ish)
    Westone UM2 RC(used =C )
    Shure SE215 Blue Ltd Ed(abt USD130)
    Westone Pro 10(abt USD160)
    TDKBA200(there's an offer on that for abt USD130 where i am)
    Thank you very much!
  2. zamorin
  3. Focux
  4. lin0003
    The DN-1000 is amazing. 
  5. Focux

    checked that out! thank you! not available where i am sadly =/
  6. Artem
    you can try this website. they do carry the DN-1000 if you are interested in it. Check out their Vsonic line-up too.. the GR07 and VSD1/s are all on sale at a discounted rate!
  7. zamorin
    I just got my GR07BE...Just unbelievable.
  8. Focux

    Omg thank you so much! Now idk which to choose! The DN1000 is kinda out of my budget haha but what is the diff between the GR07 Bass edition compared to normal besides bass? I see a nice red striped cable..? Sorry for the plethora of questions!

    Sent from my LG Optimus Prime
  9. Focux

    How's treble if I'm not a basshead?

    Sent from my LG Optimus Prime
  10. Claritas
    Consider also Etymotic Research HF5, the cheaper version of their ER-4P. Not much bass and maybe a little too much treble for some, but very clean and accurate.
  11. Claritas
  12. zamorin
    I wouldn't consider the GR07BE a bass-head earphone unlike the Hippo VB and FutureSonic Atrio. It has just enough bass. The treble is quite good too but I have less than 12 hours burn-in. I expect it to improve further, especially the soundstage depth and instrument separation.
  13. zamorin
  14. Artem
     The bass edition is not overly bassy. It is just a slight boost in the bass region as compared to the MKII version, which in my opinion makes it a hell lot more "fun" to listen to. YMMV.
    As for the cable, I have to say the pictures really don't do it justice. It is quite understated when you see it IRL.
  15. jws919
    I just bought both the gr07 mkii and the gr07BE. I am not a bass head, but listen to a lot of punk, rock, prog metal, but alos a lot of acoustic stuff.
    Testing with the following tracks, the BE was more fun for me to listen to on the majority. Especially the bridge on "Lateralus" which had really, really nice bass layering. 
    Tool - Lateralus
    Protest The Hero - Clarity
    Propagandhi - Speculative Fiction
    Bon Iver - Holocene
    Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle
    Yacht - Dystopia
    Black Joe Lewis - Come to my Party
    Puscifer - Tiny Monsters
    Black Keys - Your Touch
    Both were good, though. I just found the bass edition more fun. keep in mind I also have no burn in on either as they're new. I would echo Artem's comments. it's a slight boost, not night and day difference. YMMV.
    Edit: the cable is understated on both and isn't even in my decision criteria. I think the striping actually looks kind of cool because it's not garish. 
    Edit #2: both sounded quite similar on Mozart's Requiem. through only a couple hours with them, it seems like the two will be exceedingly similar in classical and softer tracks. I could be completely off, though, as I haven't been able to do much comparison.
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