IEM's for Rock
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Aug 21, 2011
Hey guys,
I bought some Victor HP-RX700's for use at my computer, because from what I have heard they were probably the best choice out of any headphones under $100 for both gaming and alternative rock with mild bass response. Unfortunately, these are slightly too big for me to walk around with and take to school and they also make me kind of look like a dork...  So, I decided that I would like some IEM's to fill that void and to use with my iPod Nano... The criteria are as follows...
  1. Good for Alternative Rock
  2. Mild bass response
  3. Comfy
  4. Don't leak too much sound
  5. ~$30 would be best, but can go up to $50 if worth it...
On a side note... What sound card and amp would be suitable for the RX700's if the use is gaming/music?
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ummm... I'm sorry for the bump... but I kind of do need a response....
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You aren't really going to have problems with sound leakage using IEMs, and there are tons of options in the $30-$50 range.  Have you taken a look at this thread:
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Sony EX310(highely recommended), Metro-Fi220, Philips SHE9850 and JVC FXC50.
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Metro.Fi 200, CX 300 II, DUNU DN-12 and SoundMAGIC PL-50 are my suggestions for you.

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