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IEMs for motorcycle riding

  1. gmoffatt
    Hi all,
    I've read threads on the subject, but after scanning the 250-IEM-Review thread I'd like to tap into the expertise on the board to get some fresh suggestions for some IEMs for motorcycle riding.  I've been away from the headphone scene for a while, and there seem to be lots of brands and models that I'm not at all familiar with.  So I guess the goal is to get an idea of what I'm missing, what's out there beyond the usual suspects.
    For background, I've been using Q-Jays until recently.  I loved the size, and I really liked the two-part headphone cord (I left the extension wired through my riding jacket to an an iPod shuffle clipped on my sleeve).  The isolation was good, but I guess I must have been searching for better isolation because I broke a nozzle trying to get some foam tips off.  :frowning2:
    Priorities are:
    1) Must work under a helmet (e.g. ER-4 are too long)
    2) Serious isolation (I'm open to after-market tips)
    3) Rich sound quality (I like the front-row type of sound from my Grado SR-225s; not looking for anything too analytical)
    Budget: ~$150.
    I know the ER-6i are typically recommended for the purpose, but are discontinued.  Q-Jays were great, but apparently have suffered the same fate (and any around are $$$).  I was thinking Ety HF-5, but they seem to be on the lean side.  What else is out there that I should consider?
    A million thanks!
  2. gmoffatt
  3. AstroTurf
    The Etymotic HF5s are a good choice.

    The dryness that all complain about can be overcome by increasing the acoustic dampers resistance.

    I have done this with my Etymotic MC5s, and WOW the bass is nut rattlin.

    Quite a change without a real reduction in it's detail presentation.

    Worth a look, Jim
  4. gmoffatt

    I had to look that up. Didn't realise you could tweak the signature like that. Thanks Jim.
  5. AstroTurf
    Give it a shot, and let us know how you like it...

    Oh, You will like it! I know I do!

  6. darkinners
    sorry for off-topic but itsn't it quite dangerous to use IEM while you riding motercycle?
  7. gmoffatt
    Hi darkinners,

    Wind noise in the helmet can easily damage hearing (think tinnitus), particularly with long distance highway travel.

    Many riders, including myself, will wear high-NR earplugs on anything longer than a few minutes ride.

    So the IEMs are like earplugs with a bit of background music to enhance the experience. Not dangerous when used appropriately.

  8. 1Jason4U
    Yes, please revive this thread. Anyone have any new input into active noise cancelling IEMs? My pipes are loud on my harley and I always wear earplugs, so it'd be nice to be listening to tunes inside my ears instead of inside my head.

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