IEM with straight cable
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Jul 19, 2019
Hi all

Im new here and wanted to ask for options on a set of IEM with straight cables. I want something midranged (£150-£200 at a stretch) can decent ones be bought for around that much?
Im just looking for clean sound that will pick up on all parts of what im listening to (detail?)
Im a newb at audio stuff. My current earphones are B&O H3 but one side has stopped working so would like to take the opportunity to upgrade.

Any help appreciated

Thanks :)
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I would recommend Aune E1.
These are great set of iems. Natural sound signature, full bass, smooth midrange and great, well extended treble and more than fine soundstage for the price. Link that i gave you is an aucton from official Polish Aune distributor so there is fully 24 months warranty. I have no idea why Aune didn't release them on a worldwide market. There is plenty trustful reviews on Polish website's so you can use google translator. Everyone reccomend them. Cable looks thin but there is 25 strains of cooper with kevlar core and it is very strong, i own them for about 12 months ,reviews:,aune-e1-test-i-recenzja
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Thanks for the replies guys. I will look into those two options
Basically want something that's better sound quality than the Beoplay H3 gave me. Want to upgrade from them at a reasonable cost
Was also thinking to pair the new earphones with a dac that I could connect to my phone to get the most out of them.

I also saw the Final E5000 earphones which have straight cables and seem to have good reviews. Has anyone had any experience with these?

What other options are there?

Thanks for the help :)

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