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IEM with Sony sound signature

  1. burlak89
    I'm looking for a pair of IEMs that have the Sony sound signature. I currently own a pair of MDR-V6s and absolutely adore the sound they create. It's perfect in every way and I feel like I've been spoiled because I've tried other headphones and just none do it for me.
    I also own a pair of Brainwavz M1, but I think they're somewhat defective.. have crackling issues, and they just fail to stay in my ears. I'm going to try to have them replaced. I do like the sound they make but it's not up to par with Sony. I realize IEM and over-ear headphones make completely different sound, but I've found that any type of Sony head/earphones have a distinct shape to it that I just love and am totally used to. I'm not looking for the extra bass types, though I've yet to listen to something out of the XBS line. I used to like bass, but my V6s have totally changed my preferences. The bass in them is PERFECT, but I digress.
    Are there any recommendations for a decent pair of IEMs with this sound signature that are under $100? What do you guys like?
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Sony MDR EX600 will possibly suit your application.
  3. burlak89
    Is there anything like but cheaper? I was looking at the MDR-EX210B which have a similar construction but without the over-ear construction of the EX600. 
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Possibly the MDR EX310.
  5. nihontoman
    Get the XB90EX. it is sony, it is in ear and sounds really good. the only thing is that they have bass emphasized, so bare that in mind :) the mids are the main strength with this one though - along with really big soundstage and relaxed highs, they are really good immersive type of iems... and if you don't listen to bassy music - there will be no bass :) 
  6. ninogui
    Have you ever tried the atrio mg7 ? how would you compare it to the XB90EX ?
  7. nihontoman
    No, I haven't, but they say it has just as much bass, a little less mid-bass hump and overall livelier sound...
  8. ninogui
    my concern here is the treble section. As I posted sowhere else I´d rather have a V shape type and trade some recessed mids for improved bass and treble (which I am very sensitive to)
  9. nihontoman
    Bass is really good. as is the treble. Also, the treble is not sibilant, yet it has some sparkle and good extension. if you like "bright" sound than it is not for you, but it has plenty of treble for me...

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