IEM with good mids and soundstage.
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Jul 12, 2014
So here is the problem.
I recently bought a pair of Monster DNA pro to replace my Philips Uptown and really become obsessed with the sound signature of DNA pro. In short, I love it very much. Don't want to be cynical here but it's really made me unable to listen to any of my current IEMs anymore so I'm now looking for a new one. I know it is uncanny to compare IEM with over the ear so surely I don't want the same sound quality just something that have the same characteristic. I currently own Monster Turbine and t-jays three which soon will be rid off so anything in those ball park is not acceptable. I would be comfortable with around 100-150$ (could be higher if need be). Any suggestion would be very appreciated.
PS. DNA pro over the ear have a wide sound stage with crystal clear mid and very good high, bass is not overpowered but surely there.
Thank you.

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