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Jun 14, 2012
I know you don't like those kind of threads, but keep reading and you'll understand! Thanks. 
I don't know much about IEM but I am a little bit audiohphile! Being a DJ, I've searched some good over-ear headphones, but I am now looking for the more day-to-day use of some IEM for sports, travelling, etc.
So what am I looking for?
I want them under 150$
Good sound quality
Somekind of sound isolation
But the most important thing which I haven't seen in most reviews, is a microphone. Compatible with an iPhone.
Comfort and that stand in the ear, since I will be using them while riding, running... I don't want to replace them then and there!
Listening mostly to house/trance music (looking for a clear and natural sound, good bass)
I wanted some controls on them, so this is why I started this thread. I know you find this annoying, but I'm sorry in advance...
Thanks for your help in advance!
PS: Suggest some IEM's and I'll read reviews on them! 
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Apr 27, 2011
The V-Moda Vibrato may be up your alley.  ThinkSound TS02 is another idea (single button mic).  MEE A161p is another (single button mic).  If you want an analytical sound, the Etymotic HF2 or HF3 may do (single button and triple button mic respectively).  Last by not least, the Phonak PFE1xx series comes with a mic and adjustable sound (there are single and triple button varieties; it may be hard to find it for 150, but worth a look).  
It really depends on the exact sound you're looking for.  "Natural" has little to no meaning here anymore; there really is no "natural" sound.  The Vibrato is v-shaped, as is the TS02.  The A161 is warm and sweet, the Etymotics are analytical.  The Phonak has adjustable sound (analytical and slightly v-shaped).
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Dec 8, 2012
Never heard the MM55i, sorry, but I have some ideas.
The Ultimate Ears IEMs might work for you; I just recommended a friend the UE600vi as he really wanted controls and a microphone. Some of the lower models (one of them being the UE500vi) also have iPhone-friendly controls.
The Future Sonic Atrio X is currently on sale for $33, and it has a remote and mic. Seeing as I've never heard it, I will not vouch for the sound, but perhaps it's worth a try.
From my recollection, the a-JAYS Four has controls too. It's not the best-sounding of the JAYS line, but it might just edge into your criteria.
In your shoes, I'd probably go with tinyman's recommendation, the PFE series with the mic. I think it's a little out of budget, but I like how they sound. The sound signature is tunable through filters, and although the cable is thin, they are quite well constructed (I tried out a pair at Jaben in Singapore) so they should do. Good luck!

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