"IEM VS Closed-back"
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Nov 18, 2019
The XBA-N3 arrived for two days and initially I didn't see the difference of 200 euros with my 1 more, I don't know how I didn't immediately notice the superiority of the XBA-N3, they are clearly better on all aspects than the 1 more ... I expected more creaks in guitars and more powerful bass, but beyond this, after listening with XBA-N3 I they surprised how clear even male voices can be, initially I was looking for exaggerated details in the comparison ignoring I don't know how everything else, after a day of relaxed listening compared to before, and after trying again the 1 more appeared less brilliance and less bass, but overall listening seems to me suddenly mixed and confused ... but unfortunately I have the cue of the beyerdynamic 177x, I know you don't have them but the bass and the soundstage obviously certainly better than the XBA-N3 I was wondering about the middle (I understand that this is what I am looking for in a headset, detail and clarity in the voices, guitars and in the separation of the instruments), the beyerdynamic being full size are definitely me of the XBA-N3 in the middle classes? (if not sure, at least is it much more likely? ), or it just doesn't work that way .. What do you think

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