IEM under 90 Euros
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May 15, 2015
Hello everyone. 
I'm looking to replace my 2 year old Philips SHE-3590s with something that looks nice, sounds good, and is slightly more expensive. They will be powered by a phone only. My current candidates are:
1) AKG K323 XS @ 30eur (40 with mic)
2) Sony MDR-EX650 @ 50eur
3) Sennheiser Momentum IE @ 90eur
You will probably guess that I want a fairly "fun" sound signature - used to have Brainwavz Delta's, but they were too flat for my liking. Overall I like the signature of my Philips, but they can be very sibilant, they don't have much bass extension and they do sound rather muddy. I'm okay with mids being recessed a little bit. Also of note - I have fairly small ears, and with all of my IEMs I've always used smallest eartips (perhaps someone can relate).
From what I've read, the 3 'phones listed above fit those requirements, and all of them look very nice, so I'm looking for some feedback from someone who's used one or more of them.
I would prefer the AKG's or the Sony's because they're cheaper, but I will consider the Momentum's if they really are worth twice the money of the other two.

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