IEM under $500
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New Head-Fier
Oct 10, 2015
Hey Guys

Looking for a new iem to coupled with my workhorse eph-100, which had been washed few times the cord all coiled up but still working!

Im a diverse listener but from top to bottom to hip hop, emd, alternative, rock, indie, scores, random finding, Taylor swift.... Etc

My current set up aset from the eps-100 I use sh1540 and d2000 headphone.
Listen through s6 or idevices and meridian explorer2 at all time.
I like 1540 sound signature the best, I don't mind a lil more bass but don't like heavy 4000w 4x 12" impala bass heavy...

Looking at dn2000 ie80 or sh535 v

Other opinion are welcome, like noble 3-5 or maybe even the savant.
I didn't put that option since I can't return them like on Amazon if I don't like them.

My budget is essentially $500 but I can budge here and there.

Thanks a bunch.
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Wait for the Trinity Phantoms before making a choice. Judging by the Deltas (and, though I haven't heard them, apparently their Hyperion and Techne line), that will change the entire playing field. 
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I own a pair and i upgraded to the AT HDC5 cable. The cable improved the clarity. The IEMs sound very balanced. Instrument seperation and clarity are superb. Try them out and tell me what you think of them!
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In the market for IEM's under $500. Detachable cables is preferred. I listen to edm, rock, classic rock, some country,reggae, folk, and some blues.

Build quality, and durability rank high on my list of requirements. I want it to sound like I am center stage at MSG or other music venues.

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