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IEM tips advice, please?

  1. obileye obiyemi
    My ibasso 1t03 just keep on falling out of my ears, i ve had them for months now but they have never lasted more than 5 minutes in my ears without falling out, could it that my ears are not meant for IEMs or are their some tips that are guaranteed to stay in? I should mention that these are first and only IEM as i normally use over ear headphones i want to use these mainly for commuting Thank you!
  2. Linhbk
    get your self a pair of ortofon large size :)
  3. halcyon
    Depending on your ear canal size, I'd go for the Comply T-500 model in either M or L size. Order a mixed size bag, try them all and then settle for the size that fits you best.

  4. obileye obiyemi
    @Linhbk and @halcyon Thank you for your suggestions, I will look into it
    halcyon likes this.
  5. dounuts97
    try comply tips, a little pricy with good fit and really comfy

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