IEM Sale - Low, Low Prices..... (StageDiver SD3SOLD), (PFE232SOLD) & UE900 (SOLD)
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Jan 16, 2012
Life Intrudes again and I need to move a few items that aren't getting head time. All are like new (one is new) and come with everything.
I pay for CONUS Shipping and buyer pays for Paypal - or sends via gift. I have a pretty good rep here 

International (and irrational) buyers must get quote for tracked insured shipping.
  1. InEar StageDiver SD-3 - (SOLD) Mint with all accessories. 2nd Owner, under 50 hours - with mildly greening cable (as they all are and has NO effect on sound) They fit perfect and they sound great - with their solid bass response, they are the perfect IEM for traveling or just being out and about. See Joker's review - they aren't too dark, they are stage monitors and are universal versions of a $900 Custom IEM - not bad for 60% off.
  1. Logitech UE900S - (SOLD) - Brand new in sealed box - I just never got around to opening them - was thinking of a re-shell, but then I got rid of my re-shell projects and this got put on the back burner.
  1. PENDING SALE Phonak Audeo PFE-232 - (SOLD) - Mint with all accessories (even filters and tool) These have under 5 hours, barely used and basically brand new. I like the hell out of them and they fit like a charm, but I find I don't reach for them - a little bright for me.
​I'm pretty firm on pricing as these are low to begin with and are as new.
Pics on request - or when I get them up - should be soon.
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