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IEM recommendations

  1. BucketInABucket
    Hey guys, I've been out of touch of the IEM market for a few years and I'm looking for new IEM recommendations that won't break the bank. Hopefully looking to spend roughly $300, give or take? More or less is fine too depending on what IEM.

    I listen to many genres and prefer a natural sound with good bass and neutral-slightly warm mids/treble. I'll be pairing it mainly with a Revamp Acoustics Nuansa P1.

    Heavily prefer IEMs which sound best with silicone or hybrid tips: basically no foam tips. Many thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  2. yong_shun
    Campfire Audio Comet :)
  3. BucketInABucket
    How's the bass and treble extension?
  4. kukkurovaca
    Massdrop Plus meets your sound criteria and price point. But it's sensitive to source impedance; I don't know what the P1's output impedance is, but that would be something to check. Also, the cables and tips supplied with the Plus are terrible.
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  5. BucketInABucket
    What tips are recommended to go with it?

    I think the P1's output impedance is low? Not sure though
  6. serman005
    You might read about the Oriveti New Primacy and see what you think. Its signature is mostly neutral.. Not sure if a neutral sig. will work for you, but it is worth a read at your price-point.
  7. kukkurovaca
    Spiral dots are popular, and that’s what I’m currently using. But YMMV.
  8. BucketInABucket
    What about the MDR-7550 (and JP version) and the FLC8D? How are those?
  9. VAS07
    Try Fiio FH5 its peetty good for $250, hybrid quad driver that selling out like crazy! I love the sound of those, try them out I doubt you will be disappointed.

    All the best!
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  10. yong_shun
    I think 4 drivers, 3 BAs with one dynamic.
  11. VAS07
    Thank you very much for pointing out the error! *Edited*
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  12. kIkI.
    Can you recommend me something for under 50 euro that would be good for rap during a long commute to school. thanks
  13. buke9
    KZ ZS6 would be in budget good bass and a little bright would do well for rap.

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